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18 thoughts on “Assassination attempt on Turkish party leader in Bulgaria

  1. The lucky guy is the champion of Muslim rights over the filthy unbelievers of Bulgaria.

    “The liberal MRF party represents ethnic Turks and other Muslims who make up about 12 per cent of Bulgaria’s 7.3 million-strong population.”

    Nuff said?

    Stupid misfire.

  2. This is a hard-core islamofascist who want the recreate a new ottoman empire. A very dangerous man!

    Funny: in Dutch television the talk about ‘liberal politician’…. yea right!

    The dumb ass had a great opportunity and he blow it!

  3. The people of the Balkans aren’t dhimmified up to their eyelids like us naive Westerners are. They’ve been the victims of jihad for centuries and were kicked about by Muslim sandals for longer than they care to remember. It’s a shame that the gun failed to fire..
    Bulgarians, Romanians and Serbs know that Islam is a simmering pot waiting to boil over. They won’t sit there and swallow the taqiyya like we do.

  4. @ Softly Bob “…The people of the Balkans aren’t dhimmified up to their eyelids like us naive Westerners are…” It is DISGUSTING how the Nato assisted the islamic invaders to bring this passionate people to their knees. I wonder if the TRUTH will ever get out to the herd.

  5. While i disagree with the Nato intervention, it’s not as if Albanians were some remnant of Ottoman imperialism, the current nation of Albania was much larger than it’s existence today, with it’s borders near serbia and greece, It was known as Ilyria and it’s people played a large role in both the Roman Empire and the Byzantine, when the Ottomans invaded from the south the Albanians put up a fierce resistance led by Skandeberg who remains Albania’s most important national hero. That being said they were dhimmified and many of their people did take up the mantle of Islam, but it was due to repressive Sharia law and Jizya.

  6. I agree. We need to know more about the politician, if he has connections to terrorists or radicalization, if he or his party functions as an agent for Turkey’s interest rather than the Bulgarian ethnic minority he claims to represent before passing judgment.

  7. My previous reply has not been placed:

    Ahmed Dogan is an hard-core islamofascist who is a etnic turk and dreaming of a new ottoman empire.

    In Europe we will se more of this people, calling themself ‘liberal’but in fact want to islamise a part of the country. Dutch TV is speaking of a “chairman of a liberal movement”… Yeah right.

    The dumb ass should have tested his gun. Or buy a better one… Now the chance is gone.

  8. This one lookes very “staged” to me, and the acting was rather bad, in my humble opinion. Have a look at the time the guy had to pull the trigger….

    Somewhere I read (dont remember the source but will find it if necessary) that it was a “little gas pistol” which could not have killed.

  9. @Rita, the size of the gun and bullet isn’t what matters, bullet placement in the target matters, the little 22 has killed more people then any other round. Having said that I would have chosen a larger piece and a less public place.

    Yes it could have been staged, but the size of the weapon chosen might have been limited to, what was avaible or what was afordable.

    FYI my favorite handgun is a 1911 chamber in a 45ACP.

  10. A ‘gas-pistol’ with a 5mm on 10 cm from your head will kill you…

    I agree that the behaviour of the attacker seems a little strange. However, he was really trying to kill somebody.

  11. @ Richard: confession time: I would have difficulties making the difference between a real gun and a water pistol 😉

    @E.Eliveld: He might have suceeded in killing himself, if he was really genuine, and if his intended target was an islamist.

  12. @ Rita I thought that was the case, that was why I made the post without the correct info people make bad decisions. As E.Eliveld said at close range “gas” pistols can kill however I doubt if anyone would choose one for an assassination. They are a cheap way to get pistol practice.

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