How much can we forget in 46 years? Apparently everything.

I had a very interesting chat with the good people at Tundra Tabloids in the wee hours of the morning today about a couple of old episodes of Mission Impossible that they had found. The episodes are from Oct. 1967, Season 2, and are called, “The Slave 1” and “The Slave 2”

These episodes not only show how this is something which festers in Islamic countries but even shows how there are Muslim-only areas in some countries, (they use a fictitious name but it would appear to be Saudi Arabia – Morocco and well, any Muslim country really) and other aspects of Islamic life that we are rediscovering as true and important components of Islamic ‘culture’. So far I haven’t found an embedable version or I would post them here but they are available on Netflix in most nations. If you have Netflix and can’t access them leave a message in the comments and I will suggest how you might. But so far, most of the way into the first episode, it is quite refreshing to see how accurate we were once allowed to be.

Better watch fast. Like the 3 episodes of South Park that deal with Islamic thuggery and blackmail that have been removed from everywhere except arcane bit-torrents, once word gets out that this contains impolite cultural truths, it will likely get pulled as well.

H/T Tundra Tabloids.


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