Western U in Ontario wants to replace the 1 newspaper office with a 2nd ‘multi faith’ prayer room. MSA

The newspaper is 100 years old and for reasons no one quite understands, is being forced out of its ancient offices to make room for a second prayer room, quite obviously for Muslims. Yet this is a university, not a mosque. It seems that universities across the Western world have utterly lost the basic requirements for their existence. Perhaps the time has come to close them and start a new system with less public funding and stronger emphasis on academics and Greek thought.

For those who are not familiar, it is very important to understand who the MSA actually are.

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National Post:

‘Campus press freedom weakening’: Student council reportedly wants to replace newsroom with multi-faith prayer room

First, copies of The Gazette started disappearing from newsstands, then the student government reportedly demanded to sit in on editorial meetings, and now in what Canada’s only daily student paper is calling the latest crackdown on “campus press freedom,” Gazette staff are being turfed out of their offices to make way for a prayer room.


“Given some of the issues that we’ve been undergoing in the last nine months, it leads me to strongly suspect that [this eviction] is about something else,” said Gloria Dickie, editor in chief of the University of Western Ontario-based student paper, The Gazette.

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2 Responses to Western U in Ontario wants to replace the 1 newspaper office with a 2nd ‘multi faith’ prayer room. MSA

  1. Softly Bob says:

    And we all know what multi-faith really means – one faith, and that faith is Islam!

  2. Richard says:

    I wish I could see a way out of this mess without a major war, I can’t and the war I see is going to make WWII look small.

    We are sailing uncharted seas in the major storm with a leaky boat.

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