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8 thoughts on “Now these are the kind of modern liberals that we want to take over from Assad in Syria.

  1. I’m sorry, but if this wasn’t so serious, I would treat it as a comedy. The guy speaking (shouting) sounds like a joke Arab. It looks like he’s wearing a false beard and ranting in a strange comedy accent. It sounds and looks like something that Latma would do.
    Of course, in reality, it’s not a joke, but it just goes to show what the Arab world is like. They are a parody of themselves. All the gunshots in the background made me think of these stereotype Arab weddings where the guests shoot directly upwards in the air and then the bullets come back down and kill them. It’s funny in a way.
    But of course, the stereotypes are true. Arab Muslims are good at shouting and finger-pointing, they’re good at ranting on about nothing and being offended by the slightest thing. These people are very, very dangerous, but only in the way that a lion that has escaped from a zoo is dangerous. They need locking in cages and putting in zoos themselves, then we can all go and look at them whilst they prowl around, growl and throw their own faeces at each other!

  2. If he belonged to the civilised part of humanity I would have just dismissed him as an angry little, phallically challenged, attention seeker. But as Softly Bob says: these nasty pieces are lethally dangerous and belong in the zoos or under the control of people like Sadam Hussein, Gadafy, who know their measure.
    I am absolutely aghast that Australia’s islamophile (because deeply anti-jewish) Foreign Minister, and Kevin Rudd (former prime minister) – both absolutely servile to the disreputable folg that sits at the UN, and kissing their bums to be allowed to sit with them – are actively and loudly canvassing that “we” should arm “the Rebels”, because the Syrian government is all bad bad bad, and they are all good good good. These politicians have their dirty hands on our money. Arrrrghhhhh

  3. Their birthrate if falling in Iran and probably in other nations also, remember most of the info about the demographic loss is coming from the left.

  4. That was a feel good moment for the Muslim monkeys. and yes we are laughing at you and wish you success in exterminating your fellow Muslims. Make them pay for disrespecting Aisha because they will make you pay for killing Mohammeds family. Kill kill kill!!!

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