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6 thoughts on “Amer-Indian terrorism met with the usual ennui. Blazing Catfur

  1. In watching the videos what you will hear is the OPP washing its hands of its duty to uphold and enforce Canadian law. Colour it any other way, in its basic form, it is criminal dereliction of duty. Of no surprise is the fact that this same “policy” as spoken to by the OPP, is a mirror reflection of the negligence and the criminal dereliction of duty that has become standard operating procedure for the RCMP and Canadian law enforcement across Canada in dealing with Indians and their acts of criminality, violence, aggression, extortion and now, economic terrorism.

    In short……..we are on our own. Let us begin to act in our own defence.

    Hello there…..its me again, Don Laird

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what gives rise to militias.

    Now I know most of you exhaled a mouthful of coffee through your nostrils when I said that and right away you’re wondering if I’m currently working on placing a truck bomb in front of the Canada Revenue Agency headquarters or organizing a frontal assault on the White House…….in my case…..neither.

    To my point.

    We can no longer tolerate another decade of Indian criminality and their enjoyed status as a special class of persons who are immune to the application of the Criminal Code of Canada.

    In addition, and the more to the root of the above problem, we can no longer tolerate our police forces, national, provincial and municipal, engaged in preferential and selective enforcement of the laws based on either political sentiment or convenience.

    That we have endured the Gustafson Lakes’, the Burnt Churches, the Oka’s, the Caledonia’s and so many other political picnics, is testament to our patience. Unfortunately and sadly, as reflected in our reaction to the Idle No More farce, that test of our patience with respect to the ongoing criminality of the Indians and their enabling handmaidens, the police officers, has now turned to a reflection of our stupidity and our cowardice.

    We have ignored the criminality and the negligence of our police officers and ignored it to our considerable injury. We have ignored the criminality of the Indians and in addition to that ignorance grievously harming us as communities and individuals, it has emboldened the Indians, galvanized their criminal sentiment and paved the way for the paths they now march down.

    This must stop.

    So, in our own defence, communities affected must come together and find within the same, individuals who will provide leadership.

    They must begin to form groups. Large, organized and disciplined groups.

    They must inform the local law enforcement agencies that owing to their injurious, criminal and negligent refusal to enforce the law, while they may still retain the title of peace officer, their presence in the community has become one of little more than a figurehead and certainly one of functional/operation irrelevance.

    As such, they would not be included nor consulted by any of the leadership of the emerging citizen groups as those same groups moved forward to solve the Indian problem. Further, inform the existing law enforcement agencies that their participation, amounting to little more than 11th hour meddling, would be met with unmistakable resistance.

    Then, all that is required is resolve and determination to move forward and, regardless of the unpleasant nature of the same, deal with the Indian problem in such a manner, with such withering and brute force, as to solve the same with a solution that speaks of a sense of permanence and unmistakable finality.

    There are those who whimper and whine and with grasping hands and knitted brows, speak of the horrors of vigilantism and chaos. Unfortunately, while I don’t advocate unbridled chaos I do advocate the citizens standing up and defending themselves. If you chose to call that vigilantism, so be it, I call it bravery, resolve and intelligent self defence of family, property and community.

    In many of these towns, as we have seen in Sarnia, Ontario, with police officers actually joining the blockade and drumming, as we have seen in Caledonia, Ontario with officers actually helping to build the roadblock, our police forces have chosen the path of division and dereliction of duty. It is clear, very clear, that they have chosen sides. Let them suffer the consequences.

    The time has come to deal with the Indians. Let us do exactly that.

    So, who stands to form the citizens group in Sarnia, Ont?

    Who stands to form a citizens group in Caledonia, Ont?

    In another example of citizens in peril, I want to bring to your attention our friends to the south.

    The Americans are facing an increasingly hostile force within the White House. Barack Hussein Obama has engaged in a course of action that reflects a multiplicity of edicts that not only being horrendously injurious to the United States of America, speak of sedition, treason and fascist tyranny.

    Recently, in addition to a laundry list of stunning reversal of policies and implementation of new ones, all to the considerable detriment of the USA, Obama has moved for a full on frontal assault on the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; the right to bear arms.

    Let us be clear, the 2nd Amendment was put in place to allow the people to bear arms in the defence of a tyrant or emerging totalitarian fascist state. It has the added benefit of providing instruments with which to feed and protect a family, buts its original purpose was to defeat tyrants and their enforcers.

    It bears mentioning, and I am certain that, owing to the quality of reader here, my mention is moot, but history speaks volumes to the memory of literally hundreds of millions of souls who, believing the rhetorical propaganda of madmen, allowed themselves to be disarmed by the same. Disarmament followed shortly by mass murder.

    From the groundswell of backlash in the USA to Obama’s thinly veiled assault on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it appears that there are many men and women who refuse to join those wretchedly betrayed but sadly, dull-witted, occupants of mass graves around the world.

    What is required is simply the resolve of good men and women to refuse to tolerate the injurious and criminal actions of those who were elected to serve and protect them. They must look inside themselves, look at the pages of history, look into the faces of their families and, drawing a line in the sand, state loudly and with resounding clarity, that enough is enough and not one more inch of aggression, not one more act of negligence or criminality will be tolerated.

    Then, all that remains is to draw that line in the sand, decide upon a trigger event or action, and then once that event or action becomes manifest, act with immediacy and unswerving resolve, following the predetermined course of action.

    With respect to the line in the sand, this can be a difficult decision to make, a decision fraught with fear, uncertainty and self doubt.

    Consider the actions of Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County, Oregon.


    As you will read in Sheriff Mueller’s letter to Vice President Joe Biden, the laws regarding gun control that flow from the White House will not be enforced. But, further to that refusal to enforce federal laws within the borders of Linn County, Oregon, Sheriff Mueller goes one step further and states, with unmistakable clarity, that he will not allow agents of the United States federal government to enforce those laws. In other words, he will forcefully oppose the government of the United States of America.

    I want you to think about that for a few minutes……

    This, aside from being incredibly brave, is a mirror reflection of the men and women who, over 200 years ago, bled rivers and suffered greatly as they removed from their midst a tyrant. These are the echoes of a call to freedom that gave birth to the greatest republic in the history of Mankind.

    This is a line in the sand drawn by a patriot…….

    Americans are waking up………….

    In closing. While the difficulties regarding the recent assaults on the foundational protections afforded American citizens are not a mirror image of the laughable and injurious behaviour of Canadian law enforcement and the culpability of our elected officials in that same injurious and laughable behaviour, they are similar in that they grievously injure the very men and women those protections and officers were sworn and or designed to defend.

    This must stop, as with the courage reflected in the utterance of Sheriff Tim Mueller, the time has come to draw a line in the sand.

    As such, Canadians must begin to organize on community levels. They must come together and plan a course of action that will solve the Indian problem once and for all.

    So, as the RCMP, the OPP and various other “law enforcement” agencies have so clearly demonstrated their enthusiastic refusal to enforce the law, as they have abdicated their responsibilities and done so in contravention of sworn oath, they must not be included in the formation of these citizens groups, they must not be included in any form, in the formation nor the execution of, courses of action as determined appropriate by these same citizen groups. In other words, make it very clear to the police that they are remarkably unwelcome.

    So too for the government. There should be no consultation or involvement of government, arguably, the very catalyst that has given rise to our current state of chaos. In other words, make it very clear to government that they are remarkably unwelcome.

    The time has come to deal, finally, with the Indian problem. In dealing with the Indian problem, temper that with a little realism. This may or may not be bloodless, but what it will be is difficult and will require actions and exposure to events that we have not been exposed to in almost 2 centuries. Grit your teeth, draw the line in the sand, organize within your communities, and solve the Indian problem.

    We have been abandoned by law enforcement, we have been abandoned by the judiciary and as such, with the cowardice of government fanning the flames, we are faced with dealing with the exponential growth of injurious Indian criminality, hostility, violence, aggression and economic terrorism.

    So, begin to organize. Begin to hold meetings. Look to those amongst your groups with previous military and or law enforcement experience. Begin to form administrative, logistical, operational and tactical protocol and procedures. Begin to solve your own problems.

    As we have seen over the past years, our law enforcement agencies have become a nauseating collection of self serving, incompetent and overzealous buffoons.

    In the case of the RCMP, dereliction of duty is the very least of their talents and, aside from their being rather adept at getting themselves shot and killed in large numbers by lone drug dealing psychopaths, deaths wrought from their own clownish behaviour and incompetence, we have borne stunned witness as through politically correct bumbling, service to self and idiotic buffoonery, the “Musical Ride” has become a sickening carnival sideshow of zeal, decay, corruption, criminality and unprofessional stupidity.

    We have watched as the RCMP have enthusiastically engaged in murder, manslaughter, theft, assault, assault causing bodily harm, criminal negligence, grotesque acts of sexual deviance, perjury, fraud, criminal negligence causing death, drunk driving, theft and distribution of classified information, theft of evidence, trafficking in narcotics, pedophilia, destruction of evidence and witness tampering.

    In light of this criminality, it begs the question as to why in the name of Christ would we trust them , let alone turn to them to provide us with protection. As far as our expectation of their upholding and enforcing the law is concerned………utterly laughable.

    So, do not be afraid to stand on your own two feet. Do not be afraid to rally around your families and communities and guard and defend the same. Do not be afraid to do what Canadian law enforcement, judiciary and government refuse to do.

    Resolve that enough is enough…………

    Regards, Don Laird

    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Don look up the County Sheriffs project, the last count I heard were that over 200 and sworn to die before any new Federal Laws would be enforced in their counties, Yes we are waking up, the sleeping giant is waking up and if Obama and the left continue in their unconstitutional action the world will once again tremble at what occurs.

  3. Hello Richard,

    Just a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a few ex-military types in Edmonton. It seems that if things go live in the United States there are quite a few who are heading down towards Montana to help out.

    With the actions of many patriots across the United States, now overtly public, I think we may, we just may, be seeing a grassroots decision to provide a solution to that which “occupies” the White House.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. The more the merrier, after all a lot of Canadians have enlisted in our military and are children of the same mother country so all relatives are welcome.

  5. On the Peace Arch in Blaine, Washington, the border crossing carries a couple of inscriptions.

    “Children of a common mother”

    “May these gates never be closed”

    My grandfather was an American…..here is a couple of paragraphs from a piece I wrote a while back….


    I never met my grandfather. His name was Robert Bernard Kyllo and I learned of his life and death at the feet of a woman who never met him either, my mother. Robert Bernard Kyllo was born in Harlem, Montana. Robert married a Canadian woman, Mary Warkentine, my grandmother. At the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939, Robert was in Canada and was one of the first to sign on with the Calgary Highlanders. Almost five years later Robert’s military records indicate his request for release from the Highlanders for the purposes of joining the 82nd Airborne Regiment (All American). Robert’s wish was granted in September of 1944. It was with his countrymen that he met his death in February of 1945. In Medicine Hat, Alberta, a little girl used to go down to the train station and wait for Dad to come home. Robert Bernard Kyllo never came home to that little girl and many years later she bore a son named Donald, her firstborn.

    I am that son. I can recall the many stories my mother told me of the life of the man, father, she never met. She told me of his physical size; huge. Of Robert’s strength, his ability to fire from the shoulder weapons most men fired from tripods. Of his willingness, rather, eagerness to enlist in the Highlanders. Of the three-day leave pass that was found in his wallet that was valid on the day he was killed. Of Robert’s cheek, it was told that on a regimental occasion he finally put to rest the ladies eternal question of what a man wore underneath his kilt. It was on this same occasion that Robert neglected to wear any undergarments.

    Every so often, after being badgered by her eldest son, my mother would bring out my grandfathers personal effects. There were the medals, American and Canadian. The France and Germany Star, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the Purple Hearts, the Defence Medal, the Bronze Star, Paratrooper’s wings and the Silver Cross. There was the letter of condolence from General James S. Gavin and the American flag that covered his coffin. There was the four-leaf clover that his grandson found tucked into the corner of his blood stained wallet. I never forgot those stories and resolved that one day I would serve as had my grandfather. I left home in my early teens and with a small backpack and my grandfathers legacy struck out on my own. It was to be years before I darkened the door of a recruiting center.


    On that note, and in recognition of my seething, visceral hatred of the Left and the grievous harm they have done to both our countries………I wouldn’t hesitate to join a second American civil war…….wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

    Just say when and where……….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  6. Like the first shot heard round the world everyone will know when the second one is fired. Like I said the more the merrier.

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