‘Girls forced to perform depraved acts for Asian gang’

It really is criminal that modern governments would rather keep the illusion of order and peace at the expense of everything that actually matters such as the safety of the children of your country and culture, and the preservation of all of your values. Clearly absurd arrests like that of Kevin Carroll recently are the British government’s attempts at false moral equivalence, as if the outrage of the victim is somehow every bit as bad as the actions of serial sadist rapists pedophiles.

It would appear that Western governments want an orderly transition to barbarism and Islamic savagery as opposed to the enforcement of Western secular and liberal values.


The Sun:

Abuse ring ... nine men accused of 50 charges of grooming, trafficking, abusing and raping young girls

Abuse ring … nine men accused of 50 charges of grooming, trafficking, abusing and raping young girls
Priscilla Coleman
Published: 1 hr ago

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl repeatedly raped by an Asian sex gang was driven to woods where she was told “you know what we do with pigs, slit their throats” when she begged not to be attacked again, a court heard today.

Nine Asian men are accused of forcing vulnerable girls to commit acts of “extreme depravity” selling them for sex in a sickening child abuse ring spanning nearly eight years.

The children, aged between 11 and 15, were groomed and plied with booze and hard drugs before being gang-raped and sexually assaulted, it is alleged.

Knives, MEAT CLEAVER HANDLES and baseball bats were also used to abuse the girls, it is alleged.

A girl aged just 12 said she saw other “drugged and emaciated girls” in houses around Oxford where she was abused, the Old Bailey heard


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14 thoughts on “‘Girls forced to perform depraved acts for Asian gang’

  1. Have you not learnt the lesson by now? Britain and other Western nations have to support the multicultural cause AT ALL COSTS!
    Any patriot knows this.
    These girls are not victims – they are heroes. They were abused and raped but they lied back and took it FOR ENGLAND.
    I’m sure that their furthering of the morally superior multicultural code will be great comfort to them knowing that they have served their nation well. I’m sure that when enduring a lifetime of suffering and psychological trauma that they can proudly looked back knowing that their horrific time being gang-raped was not wasted.
    They didn’t suffer for nothing. It was all done in the name of that great socialist rainbow utopia!

  2. I’m really, getting angry now!
    I’m fed up with all these Chinese men raping our British white girls. Get back to Hong Kong or wherever it is that you come from!
    No, wait sorry, I didn’t mean that…. my apologies. What I meant to say is:
    I’m really fed up of all these Sikhs and Buddhists raping our white girls!
    Oops, no…. sorry, I’ve got it wrong again.
    I’m sorry, it’s just that I find the word ‘Asian’, terribly confusing!

  3. The UK, has become a totalitarian police state, as has the USA. Both in need of serious regime change and a thorough purging of leftist elememts and other collaborators.

  4. oogenhand:
    Although I take it that your comment was meant to be a little bit tongue-in-cheek, you’re not far wrong.
    Although they won’t actually groom EDL kids for sex, they will try and groom them to be good little Lefties. What about the case of the couple being denied the right to foster kids because they voted UKIP? It won’t be long before we see more of this.
    I will expect soon that kids will be taken away from ‘undesirable’ parents, by undesirable I mean members of the EDL,or members of any other group that the Left don’t like. It could very well happen. Of course the most ‘undesirable’ parents of all are Muslims, but you won’t see this happening to them.

  5. A least the UK reports this stuff albeit reluctantly. I am pretty confident this is rampant in all major Canadian cities but the press is more hobbled and politically correct here than in England. We have had a few stories about Islamic child prostitution rings but they were in code and carefully sanitized to avoid the obvious.

  6. Vlad, I’m surprised that Canada is more politically correct than the UK. I didn’t think that I would ever live to see the day. I suspect that’s because we’ve had pc garbage for longer than you and have had longer to get sick of it. I guess Canada is ready for a turnaround very soon.
    This war is everyone’s. We’re all together in this one. When it comes to fighting the Leftist-Islamist alliance there is no Britain, Canada, United States or France, there is only decent, freedom-loving Western civilisation!

  7. I have to say that while things are not perfect here in Australia as yet, we are far better off than our cousins in the UK, the US and it would seem Canada also. Our Kiwi brothers seem to be even better off which is good news. Our current Labor Government is a bit PC obsessed but not to the point of absurdity and we are heading for a landslide swing to the Conservative Liberal National Party later this year which will really clamp down further on immigration etc.

    The media here don’t look to publish a lot of bad news but when they do get wind of anything nasty like the Sydney gang rapes of a few girls by Lebanese muslims 10 years ago (that eventually caused the Cronulla riots) they drove that home. Glad to say it appears that problem is over well and truly down here.

    However, as the demonstration last year in Sydney over the Muhammad video attested, we still need to go house to house in Southwestern Sydney and deport any man that lives in a house where hijabs are found… Then we could claim to be Utopia…

  8. Ross.
    Oz and NZ seem like the perfect places to emigrate to. Please don’t let yourself fall too far like we have! Oh, and if you do end up restricting immigration further (which is a good thing), just restrict it to Muslim undesirables and not to people like us.

  9. Side note to Eeyore. I always enjoy your clear and concise commentary and the refreshing way you never pull any punches. Thank you for being on our side in this fight and never, ever doubt that you are making an important difference. Vlad Tepes Blog is one of my top four favorite websites. Year after year. Semper fi.

  10. Given enough provocation the lack of weapons in the hands of the people will not stop the politicians being held accountable for their crimes.

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