Women, Indonesia, Hijra and motorcycles

Everyone knows the legend about boiling a frog slowly so that it doesn’t object. I am pretty confident that is a load of bull. But slowly immersing people into ideas and laws that are fascist, illegal and illiberal, that does work every-time. Just look at how anti-smoking laws were forced on people everywhere with no vote, no discussion and often breaking municipalities own laws on passing legislation as was done in Ottawa Canada. The same goes for freedom of speech and the return from the enlightenment and freedom of speech and secularism back to theocracy and the protection of insane ideas from criticism, something that anyone in the Western world would have said could simply never happen 30 years ago.

In Indonesia this process is galloping forward with all sorts of sharia compliant laws being implemented in that ‘hijra’ (move towards greater islam compliancy) way. This is just today’s example for Indonesia.

But let me be unequivocal in this. The process of implementing sharia compliancy is taking place in Canada, the US, and across Europe whether it is called anti-hate-speech as it is in England and elsewhere (article to appear soon on the arrest of Kev Caroll in England on this charge) or with any number of other excuses and reasons to implement sharia norms in contradiction to basic and critical constitutional guarantees most of us take horribly for granted across the secular West. While women can still ride motorcycles here, all of us know that criticism of Islam will lead to death threats and intimidation from Muslims living in Canada in ways that the police may not be able to prevent, and more importantly our own government will not allow us to protect ourselves from.

At the end of the day, how is this not submission to sharia norms?

Eeyore for Vlad.

From DW.De


Indonesia’s northwestern province Aceh has introduced a controversial new law banning women from sitting on motorcycles with their legs apart. Activists are calling for a reversal of the ban.

Despite opposition from human rights activist, authorities in Aceh’s city administration of Lhokseumawe decided to release a law banning women from straddling motorbikes earlier this week.

“We’re going ahead with the ban. There’s no resistance here. The criticism did not come from Aceh,” Dasni Yuzar, the city secretary of Lhokseumawe, stated in an interview with DW.

Yuzar also said around 50 streamers had already been distributed all over Lhokseumawe, explaining the proper way for women to sit on the back of motorbikes. Almost a week ago leaflets were distributed to government offices and villages to inform residents about the planned bylaw.

Mayor Suaidi Yahya, who had proposed the law, appealed to the public on Monday, January 7, saying it was not meant to discriminate against women, but instead help the implementation of Sharia law in Aceh.

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4 thoughts on “Women, Indonesia, Hijra and motorcycles

  1. We’re slowly being boiled to death it’s true.
    They say that you can’t object to a law that’s been brought in just because you didn’t vote for the man who introduced it. True, to some extent, but only if there was an alternative man that you could have voted for.
    Look at mass immigration. I don’t recall ever, in the last thirty years being asked about this by any mainstream party. It was just forced upon us and anyone who objected was made to feel shamed for doing so,
    I think it all started with the rise of political correctness. As a schoolboy, I spoke as I pleased (obviously, offensive language was a no-no if any grown-ups were around), but I seem to remember the adults of that generation spoke as they pleased too.
    Then when I grew up myself, I was hurtled into a World where suddenly certain words became taboo. I didn’t question, I accepted, because quite often the ‘newspeak’ was sold as being fashionable and quite often the pressure to be politically correct came directly from my own peers.
    Its only now that I look back and think to myself, who were these invisible figures who decided what words were acceptable and what words were not? Who were these invisible people who decided what the new replacement words would be? Was it an individual, or was it a committee?
    I certainly don’t remember voting for these people, or being given the choice to opt out. I wasn’t even pre-warned that this is what they were going to do. It just happened, almost overnight it feels like. Yet these people still remain nameless and faceless.
    I think we have slowly been conned, and thirty or so years of subtle brainwashing has taken its toll.
    You see the propaganda techniques of today are not as hardline as they were in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Propagandists are more patient now. They don’t work on citizens of the time,they design their propaganda to work on generations.
    They know that societies are aware of propaganda and what it is, so they’ve disguise the propaganda to look like something else. They don’t just offer the stick, they offer the carrot as well. In fact, they offer you a little more freedom in one area, so that they can take it away in another. They ensure that the rebels of the era can speak out in certain areas that may have been considered obscene to previous generations. How can you suspect any propaganda when young rebels are breaking the old norms? There is more bad language on TV than ever before, but you can no longer call a spade a spade.We have been given sexual liberation at the expense of our real and most valuable liberties.
    Of course this softly, softly approach eventually stops when the propagandists have enough consensus. Then the methods become harsher. Soon they will remove even the liberties that they gave us as a trade-off for our old ones.
    It will eventually result in tyranny if we do nothing to stop it!

  2. Both of you are right, even so the left has started to move too fast and the citizens or subjects depending on the nation are starting to react. More and more people are starting to predict a civil war in most western nations (I think it will be all of them). Remember it only takes about 1/3rd of the population supporting the revolution for it to succeed.

  3. Sorry, Richard, to disagree with you about the possibility of a civil war; we in the West have become to soft and comfy – it’s only a minority of really courageous people who stand up and have a look how Geert Wilders, or Hirsi Ali have to live in the prison of security for their sheer survival.

    And when I observe myself, I can see that the poison of self-censorship has already taken well and truly. A little example: shopping yesterday and, again, finding not a single Australian smoked salmon that was not HALAL certified, I vented to the sales girl, asking her to report to management that, as much as I want to buy local, I HAVE to buy imported stuff as I am unwilling to finance the Islamisation of our country any more than I already am forced to. (Ironically the only non-Halal certified smoked salmon on the Australian shelves is imported from Denmark and is KOSHER…a lovely irony). But my self-censorship was in my loooooong hesitation before speaking up, because I though “what if she is pro muslim or of the left will I offend her?”.

    It is said that muslims will only attack when in superior numbers, and I have eperienced this personally – but I now think that this is a more generalised ugly trait of a certain part of society – eg here in Australia the left has really thrown any decorum they might have had to the wind and they are attacking our freedoms more blatantly day by day.

    And in France: some formerly nearly untouchable conservative (and highly intelligent) journalists, writers, TV personalities, have all but disappeared, hounded out of town for their conservative views and especially for their warnings about the islamisation of France.

    What can we do? I dont know…except rant and rage and perhaps like me, chip away and do at least ONE act every day – be it simply complain about HALAL certification, (my sales girl yesterday didn’t even know what it meant, so I explained, and she was receptive, at least she seemed to start thinking and not only make the right customer relation noises). So that was my ONE ‘political act yesterday. Today I might buy a salad bowl made in Israel (to counter the jew-hating bullies of the BDS), or if nothing else, I will tweet an article to my 2.5 followers).

    We can do little things, and perhaps like the water drops will get to the stone…..

    Wakey Wakey….I have finished my stream of conciousness rant 😉

    (At least it has prevented me from making a bad joke about Muslim males being worried that their women might commit adultery wif them bike saddles 😉

  4. Rita I don’t know what is happening down under, what I do know is what is happening in the US, and what I see in the news from other nations. People are waking up and aren’t as soft as we have been taught. The wars will start small and grow, in some nations they will spread like wildfire and in others slowly, but they will spread. Genetics play a larger role in mass behavior them people think, you can train people out of the genetic behavior when things are good but when push comes to shove most will revert to genetic type.

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