Links and News Jan 14 2013

1. No. one rule: NO PORK EVER

2. over $4000.00 for assault rock

3. Al Qaeda hate and recruitment site based in Britain

4. Bearded clam explains why women should imitate imaginary black eyed virgins in Mohamed’s afterlife bar & brothel. Funny green screen effect as well Pretending to be in paradise.

5. Mali Muslim fighters pledge attacks on French soil.

6. WND claims Iran has crisis meeting to repair damage caused by earlier WND story on Iranian nukes.

7. BBC coverage of the anti gay-marriage march in Paris

8. Obama admin urges UK to stay in EU.

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6 thoughts on “Links and News Jan 14 2013

  1. Well, well, well, so the sewer rat Obama wants us to stay in the EU does he? I wonder why. As usual he is willing to twist words, swap smiles and make subtly veiled threats (disguised as compassion and wisdom of course) in order to state his case.
    A lesson to all fence-sitting Euro-sceptics – if Obama wants us to stay in…… then we get out!

  2. All muslim men should remain in their houses after sundown. This would not only reduce the rape statistics, but it would enable their wives to get out and about in freedom, while they look after the children whose birth they found so very revolting.

  3. BBC coverage of the anti gay-marriage march in Paris

    I find it unsurprising that the BBC claim that the protesters are all members of the Church or all members of right-wing organisations.
    I take it then, that this means that all the militant Muslims who live in France are probably in favour of gay marriage!

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