Diana West: The Fox Effect, Pt. 3

This is crucial reading. Diana West busts FOX for being paid shills for Saudi religious and totalitarian interests. Hard to argue with this much evidence.

Diana West.Net:

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, January 13, 2013 6:23 AM 

Pt. 2 is here.

Pt. 1 is here.

Saudi journalist Hazma Kashgari (photo above) has spent almost the entire past year in a Saudi prison — the Islamic Gulag — for tweeting an imaginary conversation with Mohammed. King Abdullah — the man Barack Obama bowed to, the man George W. Bush kissed and held hands with, and the man whose nephew, Prince Talal bin Alwaleed, is a major stock-holder in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. — put him there. Kashgari’s story, and treatment of his story at Fox and elsewhere, is below.


From the vault:

1) Blog post, February 14, 2012: “(Prince Talal’s) Fox News AWOL on (Prince Talal’s) Twitter Story”


Have you heard about Hazma Kashgari, the Saudi blogger who tweeted an imaginary conversation with Mohammed, drew so many (tens of thousands) angry comments from his co-religionists and co-kingdomists that he deleted his tweets, fled the country and made for New Zealand to seek asylum but was arrested in Malaysia and extradited back to Saudi A where he now faces charges on the capital crime of “blasphemy”?

Not if you watch fair and balanced Fox News, you haven’t. I have searched the site but cannot find any stories about Kashgari. (You try.)

You don’t suppose the fact that Saudi dictatorship-family-member Talal bin Alwaleed owns the largest non-Murdoch stake in Fox News (7 percent) and a new stake in Twitter (almost 4 percent) has anything to do with that, do you?

2) Syndicated column, February 16, 2012: “Did Saudi Prince Buy Fox’s Silence?”

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