Muslims play both the victim and conqueror in France and everywhere.

It is always slightly amusing to hear Muslims claim to be victims of discrimination and in the same breath explain how they will destroy all of our systems and codes and subject us all to totalitarian Islamic supremacism.

While this event happened in the summer of 2012 it was just uploaded to YT yesterday and Magic Martin just sent it in today. (Thank you very much)

And thank you Bear for the translation

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15 Responses to Muslims play both the victim and conqueror in France and everywhere.

  1. Richard says:

    Yeah you need to get ready, the ordinary people are getting pissed and are about to start sowing their power.

  2. Rita says:

    Incidentally, this was filmed after that new(ish) French Law which prohibits the wearing of the burka or chador in public. Nothing was done then about their blatant defiance of French Laws in France, but now, that they have anti-French-anti-white-racist, Christine Taubira in power as the “Minister for Justice”, dont wait for protection by the “law” should you be attacked because of “immodest” clothing, even (or especially) if you are non-muslim French.

  3. Martin says:

    Syria – NAZI SALUTE – at 1:21 on the video : + children jihadists with ak47 at 1:46

  4. Martin says:

    Syria – Nazi Salute at 1:00 on this video :

  5. Rita says:

    @ Martin. I recently saw (online…perhaps even here?) a documentary of the great mufty of Jerusalem/Hitler and the arab nazis. Can’t find it now. Justaxposed to those 2 videos they would make a “series” on the same evil.

  6. Martin says:

    @Rita – I guess I saw that documentary a few months ago – and of course it’s a revival of the same evil :(

  7. Rita says:

    @Eeyore-who-never-sleeps:) Thank you soo much!

  8. garlic says:

    “While this event happened in the summer of 2012″ <— Bull Shit!!!! it's from 9 avril 2011.

    this event was against "anti burka law" (sarkozy 2011) @ 00:09 you can see H Hamsa (Mohamed Achamlane) from forsane alizza in jail since avril 2012!

    @ 00:47 you can see Bernard Abou Salman from sharia4belgium.

    @ 01:10 LOL they can't write sarkoSy

    this event was organized by Ajem Choudary who was banned

    here the "same" (same event) video from forsane alizza "team" @ 01:39 you can see " 9 april 2011 "

    sorry for my bad english.

  9. Rita says:

    What is more worrying than the little date mix-up is the fact that these creepie crawlies got their way – because there is no doubt that it is the arab/muslims who brought the socialist Left to power one month later.And since then they have come to collect big way under the gutless Hollande and the moles for islam in his government. Mind you I am not saying that Sakozy’s conservatives were not gutless against this filth either, but their motivation was mainly pragmatic (votes), whereas the left mob’s motivation is more dangerous in that it is ideological.

  10. Rita says:

    PS: and that should be a lesson to conservative politicians: islamists/arabs will never vote for you, how much you ever pull down your trousers for them, but with showing this moronic and dangerous tolerance to the terminally intolerant, you will look weak and miss out on valuable votes and support.

  11. garlic says:

    I totally agree with you Rita

  12. Rita says:

    thank you garlic: entre gens du meme gout on se comprend 😉 And I do like Garlic in my salads too 😉

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