How to fix rape statistics in India

In the fictitious episode of South Park, priests meet to try and solve the problem of child molestation by trying to find a way to get little boys to stop reporting them.

It would appear in the real life Islamic world they have found a way to deal with women objecting to being violently raped in India.

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5 thoughts on “How to fix rape statistics in India

  1. I thought that India was meant to be a multi-religious Hindu majority society. It’s about time that the Hindus started stamping their boots on Muslim necks and kicking these inbreds into line.
    India has already had two amputations, both of which transformed into maggot-infested lumps (Pakistan and Bangladesh) without letting the rest of its body turn gangrenous as well!

  2. Do we have a source for the religious back grounds of those vermin that gang raped and killed that Indian girl. I argued that it surely was islamists, but was corrected – however the “correction” came from someone who had no source for her assertion either.

  3. The girl was Hindu and the most vicious of the rapists (intestine ripper) was Muslim. Check the comments under the relevant articles here or Indian press.

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