Egypt’s Jews and the Brotherhood’s surprise offer


01/10/2013 22:48

Analysis: Unfortunately, Essam el-Erian outburst is yet another example of the deep-seated hostility of the Brotherhood toward Israel. Egypt, the largest and most important Arab state, is now under their sway.

MOHAMED MORSI, center, prays at Al-Azhar mosque in

MOHAMED MORSI, center, prays at Al-Azhar mosque in Photo: REUTERS

In the midst of an unprecedented economic and political crisis, one of the leading figures of the Brotherhood saw fit to call on Egyptian Jews to come back.

Essam el-Erian, vice president of the Justice and Freedom Party – the party of the Muslim Brothers – was at the time adviser to President Mohamed Morsi. Behind that somewhat bizarre call was Erian’s belief that the State of Israel is bound to disappear within ten years. And no, he was not worried about the fate of the Jews but wanted them to move out to make room for the Palestinians.

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3 thoughts on “Egypt’s Jews and the Brotherhood’s surprise offer

  1. Ironic that it is Judaism’s two offshoots, Christianity and Islam, that have caused them so much grief these last centuries.

  2. He wants the Jews to come back so they can be taxed.

    Look for an attack on Israel as soon as Obama has cut the US military.

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