Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s real agenda and motives.

This is a pretty fair analysis I would say.

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5 Responses to Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s real agenda and motives.

  1. Richard says:

    This presupposes Obama wants to keep the US safe, he doesn’t, he wants us to be small and weak so we have to pay off all of the aggressors who hate us. This is a problem with the well known journalists and columnists they refuse to admit Obama wants the US weakened so we can’t fight if not destroyed. My personal opinion is the latter, he wants the US destroyed with some socialist or Moslem government installed.

  2. Rita says:

    I feel pretty much the same as Richard does here with the addition that I think Obama’s “plans” (or at least wishful thinking) is much much more aligned with the HAMAS thugs than with Benjamin Netanyahu.

  3. cjk says:

    Never would have believed that I’d actually be on Leon Panetta’s side some day !

  4. Richard says:

    Rita you are right, I should have said that the nation that he hates second to the US is Israel, and he wants to destroy them almost as much as he wants to destroy us.

  5. wtd2 says:

    New English Review posted the following on Hagel yesterday:
    A Former Hagel Staffer, Spencer Warren, Describing Hagel Years Ago“He has a limited educational background, and worked as a local broadcaster in Nebraska before getting his start as an aide to a Nebraska congressman in the 1970s. Before that, he fought in Vietnam, where he was seriously wounded. With his Capitol Hill background and war record, he obtained a high position in the Reagan administration’s Department of Veterans Affairs. Then he had some friends who were investing in the new cellular phone field; he sold his car to raise the funds to invest with them. That’s how he became a millionaire. And in a small state like Nebraska, that’s how a person possessed of the requisite ego, regardless of other qualifications, including intelligence, becomes a United States Senator.

    He is not an active legislator. (In fact, I did not see him take much part in the floor debate last year on the traitorous immigration bill he co-sponsored with Sen. Martinez.) Once I saw him at a committee mark-up of a bill complain about the amendments process as “minutiae.” Of course, that is the blood and guts of legislating, requiring a good deal of attention to detail and effort, as the impressive Senator Jeff Sessions resolutely demonstrated during the immigration debate. It is much easier to promote oneself by appearing frequently on television, acting “senatorial” and speaking in generalities, which is how Hagel has made his name. His staff calls his tv appearances “face time.” Alas, it seems the “face time” figures like Hagel, John Kerry and John Edwards get more attention as presidential prospects than the serious legislators like Sessions.” read the whole thing.

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