Links and news Jan 8 2013

1. Reza Khalili claims Iran now has working nuclear weapons.

2. Palestinian leaders, who court international sympathy by portraying their people as displaced victims of Israel, are refusing to help tens of thousands of their brethren who have been routed from homes and refugee camps in neighboring Syria. FOX NEWS

3. Another December-January Saudi Marriage. 70/15 CNN

4. A questionable technology requested by Ottawa Police for use against ottawa drivers.

5. A week or so ago, I posted a video of a man with a Russian accent demonstrating a machine gun operated remotely mounted on a sort of drone helicopter. It would seem that man, who had one of the most popular pro-gun youtube channels out there with massive viewership was murdered and he was found dead, hands tied and shot in the head. I would like to know the back story on this.

6. Alex Jones, a walking add for Thorazine, scores a few good points in this TV assault about Gun Control

7. Rampant Injustice. I have not seen this all yet but I am reliably informed it is very good on the matters of new government powers and the disenfranchisement of the common man in the USA.

8. NASA demos its new ion propulsion drive. This looks way cool.

9. Jailed for life for beating child to death for failing to memorize absurd and ancient book of violence and supremacy. The Koran.

10. This article claims the Saudi man who bought a 15 year old sex slave was actually 90 and not 70. Frankly international law should protect her if she killed him in self defense. I cannot imagine a law that would not consider her a slave no matter what kind of ceremony was performed when the money changed hands.

Thank you to all who sent in these links over the past few days.

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