Life sentence for father who killed mother of his three children in back of a taxi after social worker ‘let slip’ that she had aborted his fourth child

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Daily Mail:


  • Junior Saleem Oakes, 28, stabbed former girlfriend after discovering she’d had an abortion of their fourth child
  • Natasha Trevis, 22, stabbed 26 times in the head, face, neck, chest, back and legs

By Harriet Arkell

PUBLISHED: 17:22 GMT, 7 January 2013 | UPDATED: 19:00 GMT, 7 January 2013

A man who murdered the mother of his three young children in a ‘savage and prolonged’ knife attack in the back of a taxi has been jailed for life.

Junior Saleem Oakes, who killed Natasha Trevis five days after a social worker ‘let slip’ that she had aborted a fourth child, was ordered to serve at least 22 years before being considered for parole.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that Oakes, 28, of Birmingham, stabbed his victim a total of 26 times in the head, face, neck, chest, back and legs in the city last August.

Junior Mohammed Oakes, 28
Natasha Trevis, 22

Junior Saleem Oakes, 28, left, stabbed his former lover Natasha Trevis, 22, right, 26 times last August


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8 Responses to Life sentence for father who killed mother of his three children in back of a taxi after social worker ‘let slip’ that she had aborted his fourth child

  1. oogenhand says:

    Hey, the right to choose! Why don’t Muslims attack abortion clinics in the West? Fine example of patrilinearity.

  2. OxAO says:

    she doesn’t look like a convert to Islam. Obviously he was using her. I wonder what was in it for her?

  3. marge72 says:

    This victim was obviously a naive, teenager when she fell captive to the charms of this no good for nothing, low IQ degenerate who was six years her senior. Her fate was sealed the day she met him. But that said, it is about high time that young people were properly grounded on the basics of survival, or how to look after themselves. This has nothing to do with prejudice or racism blah, blah…… but rather self preservation – the first rule of survival. At the end of the day, if they are not taught these basics at home they will most surely learn the hard way on the streets and often with tragic consequences.

  4. BL@KBIRD says:

    I get the Saleem part but I don’t get the Oakes or Junior part.

  5. Softly Bob says:

    A warning to white Western females – stay away from Muslim Prince Charmings. Kiss them and they turn into frogs.
    They’ll treat you like a princess until the honeymoon period is over, and then they’ll treat you like a piece of meat, a possession to be used, abused, or thrown away as they please!

  6. Richard says:

    Did the social worker keep her job?

  7. golem says:

    an interesting question that should be asked is what member of the “community” this social worker belonged to that compelled her to divulge this information, from what i’ve read many members of the Muslim community who are employed in these fields, often use it as a tool of repression in order to keep astray muslims in line, for example women who run away from abusive/arranged marriages or family’s are often caught by Muslim police officers who track them down and report their location to their family’s and so on.

    Another aspect that people often shy away from is the collapse of morals and family ethics in the wider British community that allows young girls such as this to find themselves in this situation. Dollars to donuts this girls parents were probably alcoholics or degenerates who cared little for their children. 22 with 4 kids, do the math This isn’t an isolated case either. A society that stands for nothing falls for anything

  8. Rough Rob says:

    The uneducated idiot who blames these sort of things on religion, has no life and should consider thinking before saying these unneeded comments. But who am I to talk, stereo types would consider you to be a white man that probably beats his wife and children to get an extra round of beer or a dumb ass that probably has kids in a he doesn’t know about in a foster home.

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