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6 thoughts on “Karzai body guards shoot Afghans to death for getting too close to the president’s car

  1. Well, two dead and 1.5 billion more to go. Muslims aren’t the brightest bulbs in the lamp, but Afghans, they don’t even know what lightbulbs are. They’re still using lamp oil and candle wax.

  2. To think this was Hindu-Buddhist land once and part of ancient India.

    “Afghanistan’s epic history starts when it was an important region of ancient India called ‘Gandhara’. One of its most frequently mentioned cities in the world today is ‘Kandahar’, made infamous by the Taliban. The earlier name of the city was ‘Quandhar’, derived from the name of the region of Gandhara. Erstwhile home to Al-Qaeda today, it was always a strategic site, being on main Persian routes to Central Asia and India. Hence, it has a long history of conquests. Kandahar was taken by Alexander in 329 B.C.E., was surrendered by the Greek to Chandragupta in 305 B.C.E., and is dignified by a rock inscription of Asoka. It fell under Arab rule in the 7th century C.E., and under the Ghaznavids in the 10th. Kandahar was destroyed by Genghis Khan and again by the Turkic conqueror Timur, after which it was held by the Mughals. Mughal Emperor Babur built 40 giant steps up a hill, cut out of the solid limestone, leading to inscriptions recording details of his proud conquests. In 1747 it became the first capital of a unified Afghanistan.

    Besides early reference in the Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata, Gandhara was the locus of ancient Indian-Persian interaction, a center of world trade and culture. It was a major Buddhist intellectual hub for centuries. The giant Buddhist statues recently destroyed by the Taliban were in Bamiyan, one of the important Buddhist cities of ancient times. Thousands of statues and stupas once dominated its landscape.

    Ancient Gandhara

    Gandharvas are first described in the Vedas as cosmic beings. Later literature describes them as a jati (community), and the later Natyasastra refers to their system of music as gandharva. Gupt explains1:

    “Gandharvas, as spoken of in Samhitas and later literature, had derived their name from a geographical people, the Gandharas… Most likely they belonged to Afghanistan (which still has a township called Kandhara)… It was perhaps at this time that the Gandharas raised the art of music to a great height. This region of the subcontinent at the time had become the locus of a great confluence of the musical traditions of the East and the Mediterranean. The very art, thus, came to be known by the name of the region and was so called by it even in the heartland of India. This name, gandharva, continued to be used for music for centuries to come. In the Vayu Purana one of the nine divisions of Bharatavarsa is called Gandharva.”

    During the Mahabharata period, the Gandhara region was very much culturally and politically a part of India. King Œakuni, brother of Gandhârî, fought with Pandavas in the famous epic Mahabharata. The battle was fought in Kurukshetra, in the heartland of India. Gandhârî was married to King Dhrtrastra. Exchanges between Gandhara and Hastinapur (Delhi) were well established and intense….”
    The rest can be read here including the sections Genocide Part 1, Genocide Part 2, Genocide Part 3 http://creative.sulekha.com/how-gandhara-became-kandahar_103218_blog

  3. Afghanistan most be islamic shithole nr. 1 in this world!

    Well on second thought perhaps Somalia is!

    Or perhaps Northern Mali?

    Or perhaps all of Dar al islam is perhaps just one big shithole???

    Yes thats it. Let them rot, thats what they want anyhow.

  4. Meanwhile US troops look at a queeran the wrong way and they’re up for a court marshal.
    I also bet Oscumma must be jealous as hell that he can’t do the same to bitter clingers.

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