Some links on Tommy Robinson’s conviction and sentencing on the false documents charge

As this has been made a large MSM issue I didn’t rush to post them as thats not really the purpose of this site as much as it is to post things that are under-represented by the media or as often misrepresented in ways deleterious to the West and Western civilization.

Here are a few links that detail what happened to Tommy today. Speculation is that he will be free anywhere from a few weeks based on typical 1/3 of time served to a few months from now.

Left Wing Extremist Daily Mail

(No, I dont think the Mail is extreme or left wing. But if they can call the EDL far right wing when their stated goals are classical liberal then I can call them what I want)

Sky News:

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6 thoughts on “Some links on Tommy Robinson’s conviction and sentencing on the false documents charge

  1. “No, I dont think the Mail is extreme or left wing. But if they can call the EDL far right wing when their stated goals are classical liberal then I can call them what I want)”

    I agree and I have taken energetically to calling our left media/governments “Left-Populist”, since they call anything slightly right of Stalin “right-populist”.

  2. said, “The court heard that Lennon, who had previously been refused entry to the US, used his friend’s passport to travel to the country in September.”

    not sure I understand why he would do this when he was watched like a hawk. I am sure he knew they were just looking for an excuse to put him away. If he did his speech via Skype telling the audience his government is not allowing him freedom of travel and Islamic extremist does have freedom of travel he would have made a bigger impact on his audience.

    I would really like to hear his side of the story

  3. I don’t know if they will turn him loose soon or not, the government doesn’t like him and will take any excuse to keep him off the street.

  4. Sacrificial lamb comes to mind!! TR”s brave but long and difficult ordeal has now proved beyond a shadow of all doubt, beyond smear and conspiracy just one thing in particular- Namely: What an utterly nasty, Orwellian dump the UK has slowly become and at every level too!

  5. This is what I post at Gellers site, honestly so of the pricks on there…………..
    Right first off allow me to tell you about myself. I have been an active EDL (ahem) person since 2010 (The pro Geert Wilders demo) and active within the British freedom party since 2011. I have met and filmed Tommy/Steve on several occations and even filmed the interview with him and Vlad Tepes blog dot com (google vlad tepes blog interveiws Tommy Robinson). I was part of Kevin Carrolls resent election campain planning group/commitee.
    Steve is a stand up bloke, yes he wears his heart on his seleve and is an impulsive man, he acts first and thinks after the fact, as is Kev.
    To all of you saying Steve and the EDL are racists and anti semites, we are no such thing, the reason Pam said that in the 1st place was that Roberta Moore (then head of the Jewish division) wanted the EDL to link up with the Jewish task force, a known terrorist organisation who HAVE let off a bomb. The EDL leadership wanted NOTHING to do with known terrorist extremists so Roberta was shown the door. Roberta got a case of sour grapes and lied to Pam saying we were racists and anti semites. I know the current Jewish division leader and we skype sometimes BTW!
    As for Steves’ record, most of it came from the UK government to try to get him to STFU because the EDL are gaining support from the working classes because we have been shat on from high about by anti English MPs and we know it.This scares them.
    Yes Steve was wrong to use his mates’ passport to enter the states, like I said he is an impulsive man. He could of played this one better by skype to address the SION meeting telling them that he was being prevented by both our (UK) and the US governments pro islamist elements and how freedom is being restricted globally IMHO. But Steve being Steve acted first and thought later.
    Steve is a political prisoner as the UK parliament is shite scared that there will be a civil war soonish (5-10 years is my guess) and when that happens they will be swinging from lamposts in Westminster.
    To those of you who say the EDL is racist, we have a muslim member, Abdul (an ammadi muslim), we have black members, Seek members and Guramit Singh was one of the orginal leaders until certain members of the seek community made his and his family members lives hell because of what the UK MSM have libeled the EDL with. The EDL has kicked out every racist POS from the movement as we have come across them, we police ourselves thankyou.
    The reason Steve plead guilty was that he knew he screwed up and UK judges give lesser sentances when you do.

  6. Yes, he must have known he would be caught, the alternative a skype thing might have worked, but he puts himself out there and this is not surprising that he would do this….Love him for trying to show what a farce the authorities are in relation to the EDL and his presence in the USA

    EDL EDL EDL and hopefully they will NEVER SURRENDER and keep up the important work they are doing…..

    He is a figurehead for the working class and a hero in this important work of building awareness of the over immigration, islamic lunatics and backward multi-culti paradigms of cultural relativism,

    Bless ya Love, Keep it up

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