4 dead, curfew imposed after clashes at Maharashtra’s Dhule town

Gee I wonder what communities?

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Punjab News:

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Monday, January, 07 2013 – 13:56

DHULE (MAHARASHTRA): Curfew has been imposed in north Maharashtra’s Dhule town following a violent clash between the members of two communities here on Sunday. At least four people were killed in the clash and around 170 injured.

The incident took place on Sunday afternoon when a brawl erupted between the members of the two communities at a roadside food stall. The fight then escalated and extended to the other nearby localities including Machibazar and Madhvapura.

Police said the riot was triggered after a youth refused to pay the food bill in a restaurant at the town’s Fish Market Square area and was thrashed by the owner.

After a short while, the youth returned with some friends and arguments and fisticuffs ensued. Within minutes, there was full-scale communal rioting in the area.

Police rushed to the spot but were unprepared to handle the situation and had a hard time protecting themselves from the stones, bricks, bottles and other items hurled at them.


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3 thoughts on “4 dead, curfew imposed after clashes at Maharashtra’s Dhule town

  1. FYI
    “…After violent clashes between two communities in the Maharashtra town of Dhule caused police firing and ended with five deaths, police have now started investigating the role of hate speeches made by Muslim politicians ahead of Municipal elections in the town.

    “We have inputs of a few Muslim politicians inciting a crowd in Dhule and allegedly telling them to attack policemen and officers at the next opportunity. We do not know the reason behind this, but this will be probed,” an Indian Express report quotes Director General of Police Sanjeev Dayal as saying….”

    Cue Muslims denying and blaming everyone but themselves, and playing the perpetual victim

    “…Abu Azmi, Mumbai unit president of the Samajwadi Party, who is said to have been leading the politicians told Indian Express, “I don’t remember the context of the speech made. I would not use words like these. I said the police are being unfair to Muslims. Innocent men are being put behind bars. The Government should do something. Police should get punished. This is what I say everywhere and I am sure I said the same in Dhule in October 2012.”

    Dayal said, “Over 113 policemen were attacked, with 48 seriously injured and admitted. The superintendent has incurred four stitches on his cheek. ASP and deputy SP were attacked by a mob in a narrow alley with stones and all sorts of things.”…” http://www.niticentral.com/2013/01/did-hate-speeches-spark-dhule-violence.html

  2. This is why if your country is ever unfortunately partitioned just so Muslims can have their own state out of your country, make sure the partition is complete and there is a complete transfer of populations. Send all the Muslims to their desired Islamic state carved out of your land, and take in everyone not a Mulsims from those regions given to create this Islamic state. Otherwise you’ll end up like this with your land partitioned and still have Muslim violence in your country on top of it.

    Insult to injury is that jihadists from places like Pakistan no less are trying to get the Indian Muslims to demand a separate Islamic state for them. Yes even after having India partitioned once before to create Pakistan and Bangladesh, now they want the Muslim population in India today to get another partition of India to create yet another Islamic state out of India. That is the thanks you get for allowing Muslims to stay if they want to.

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