Inmates using newspaper’s gun owner map to threaten guards, sheriff says


Law enforcement officials from a New York region where a local paper published a map identifying gun owners say prisoners are using the information to intimidate guards.

Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco, who spoke at a news conference flanked by other county officials, said the Journal News’ decision to post an online map of names and addresses of handgun owners Dec. 23 has put law enforcement officers in danger.

“They have inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. That’s not acceptable to me,” Falco said, according to Newsday.

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3 thoughts on “Inmates using newspaper’s gun owner map to threaten guards, sheriff says

  1. Any one who thought about the situation knew this was going to happen, unfortunately the damage has been done and the people at the paper are refusing to face the fact they caused many a law abiding citizen to be placed in danger because they don’t agree with the Second Amendment.

  2. I hate to pour cold water on the idea but to sue they have to prove the map was used, common sense won’t do, written proof or the testimony of the crooks is needed.

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