Fleet of Russian warships reportedly en route to Syria to head off a Western attack

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Times of Israel:

Israel and the US said to be mulling a military campaign to secure chemical weapons held by Moscow’s civil war-ravaged ally

By January 6, 2013, 4:57 am
The Russian warship Varyag (photo credit: CC BY randychiu, Flickr)

The Russian warship Varyag (photo credit: CC BY randychiu, Flickr)

A flotilla of five Russian warships laden with hundreds of troops, which is headed toward Syria, is a show of force meant to deter Western armies from intervening in the war-torn nation, the London-based Sunday Times reported.

Previous reports cited Russian diplomats to the effect that the vessels were being put in place in order to evacuate thousands of Russians who still remain in Syria if the situation in the country called for it.

However, a Russian intelligence source was quoted on Sunday as saying that the presence of over 300 marines on the ships was meant as a deterrent to keep countries hostile to the Bashar Assad regime — a key ally of the Kremlin — from landing special forces in the country.

“Russia should be prepared for any developments, as it believes the situation in Syria might reach its peak before Easter,” a Russian diplomatic source was quoted as saying.

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12 thoughts on “Fleet of Russian warships reportedly en route to Syria to head off a Western attack

  1. For what it’s worth: I’m on the side of the Russians, having lost all respect for the Western so-called leaders who organised, or at least “helped” to install the terroristic Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. It’s just theater. The Russkies know Obama won’t do crap, so they can act like the great defenders of the Middle East with no danger of being challenged.

  3. @ Dana
    As the man said:

    “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players:
    They have their exits and their entrances;…”

    Except that on that theatre, unlike in Opera where they start to sing when they are stabbed, they die.

    But even if it is just “theater”, it will create a perception, and we know that perception often becomes reality – and I hope that the reality coming out of this will be a stop to Obama et al spreading the Muslim Brotherhood even more all over the place.

  4. Rita it will probably stop Obama from acting, but it will also stop anyone from doing anything about Iran’s nukes, not that Obama was going to do anything about them. Personally I think Putin wants a war in the Mideast to draw the Islamic militants away from Russia and the former republics.

    Don’t get so involved with the Moslem enemies that you ignore the other enemies, Putin wants to pull down the US so Russia can once again become a major player on the worlds stage, China wants to take mineral rich areas from Japan, Nam and the Philippines as well as conquer Taiwan so the war and the riches can be used to 1) prop up their failing economy and 2) distract their dissidents so the communist can remain in power.

    There are other potential trouble spots but most of them can be traced back to the Moslems or either Russia or China. The rest are still small problems and can be ignored for a few years.

  5. With respect to the last two videos, the west has already imported many of the savages who would not think twice about doing these sorts of things into our own countries. They’re living among us now.

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