Deport first, ask questions later: ‘Fed up’ Cameron reveals plans to remove terror suspects before they launch appeals

I notice that certain European leaders, most notably Germany, France and England, tend to make a lot of rational noises in the press right before they do absolutely nothing.

H/T Taffy in Canada

Daily Mail:

  • New proposals will mean deportees can only appeal while in UK
  • Measures will stop the likes of Abu Qatada using human rights claims
  • Could remove 4,000 foreign rapists and muggers from Britain’s streets

By James Slack, Home Affairs Editor

PUBLISHED: 00:55 GMT, 7 January 2013 | UPDATED: 00:56 GMT, 7 January 2013

The Prime Minister wants to stop legal aid for suspected terrorists The Prime Minister wants to stop legal aid for suspected terrorists

Terror suspects could face a new system of being deported before they get the chance to hold a full appeal, David Cameron revealed yesterday.

The Prime Minister said he was ‘fed up’ with the likes of hate-preacher Abu Qatada using a string of human rights appeals to remain in the UK.

Mr Cameron went on: ‘That’s why I’m keen to move to a policy where we deport first, and suspects can appeal later.’

Under this new arrangement, deportees would only be able to appeal against the decision while still in this country – suspending their removal – if they faced ‘a real risk of serious, irreversible harm’.

Currently, nobody can be put on a plane until all their appeals to British courts – and Strasbourg – have been exhausted.

The proposals go further than ministers have ever previously suggested.

But last night government officials were unable to provide further details of how the new regime would operate.

It was also unclear whether it would apply only to suspected terrorists.

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7 thoughts on “Deport first, ask questions later: ‘Fed up’ Cameron reveals plans to remove terror suspects before they launch appeals

  1. More lies and eyewash!
    Guess what Dave? You can’t do ANY of this while we’re in the EU and the ECHR so stop your bollocks and faux tough talk and give us the referendum on getting out.

  2. “Could remove 4,000 foreign rapists and muggers from Britain’s streets”

    I would be more interested in plans to stop them returning 3 months later, under a different name, as asylum seekers.

    Ultra-violet tattoos? Castration?

    Because it sure doesn’t seem that they have ever heard of finger prints.

  3. Yeah, right – whatever, Dave. I’ll believe it when i see it…

    I think it was George Igler I saw comment somewhere that all the immigrants to Britian come into only 5 places – Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and Dover. Despite these tiny bottlenecks, the government claims it still can’t control the number of people coming into the country. Bullsh*t. They just don’t want to.

  4. Cameron is supposed to be a conservative. I don’t get it. He doesn’t exhibit conservative behavior at all. Daniel Hanan is the only Brit I can identify as a small-gov, pro-sovereignty guy.

  5. Judging from the comments here, there, and everywhere, what is positive is that these liars seems to finally have lost all credibility. The next step preferably would be that everybody stopped voting them into office.

  6. This guy Cameron is panicking because of UKIP. The only party (standing any electoral chance) that wants us out of the EU. And correspondingly out of the “EU human rights” circus that stops the UK clearing out the resident ex genocidist war criminals,suspected and potential terrorists and assorted foreign criminals that flock to England from the cesspits of the world.
    50% of the UK population also want us to leave Europe yet all the big three political parties are quite happy to ignore their voters and head full steam ahead for the iceberg.

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