Bieber uses photographer’s death to call for curbs on media

Here is one example in hundreds and possibly thousands of why celebrities who leverage their public platforms earned rightfully or not, and I think Mr. Bieber’s songwriting is certainly on par with other major contemporary pop artists for what it’s worth, should not have a greater voice in areas outside their expertise.

Here Justin wishes to limit the US 1st amendment because it is inconvenient or even to him at times, while of course being fantastically enriching to him most of the time. This shows a fairly profound lack of knowledge about the importance of freedom of speech and a tendency of modern artists to run with the pack when it comes to opinions on important matters. If Justin Bieber wishes to weigh in on the debate let him do so under a pseudonym. Let him earn his platform on the merits of his argument. That will likely force a certain maturity to his opinions which they are lacking now.

“Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,” says the text of the First Amendment to the constitution.


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10 thoughts on “Bieber uses photographer’s death to call for curbs on media

  1. Oh my my Vlad-Master…….I am very disappointed in you…..very….

    Justin Bieber is no “musician” rather a juvenile, superficial, talentless little hack who hails from a legion of talentless little hacks, both male and female…..

    ……the sort of thoughtful “artists” whose contribution to the world of music can be measured in a matter of seconds or compared to toilet paper…..being momentarily useful, after said “use” becoming utterly repulsive…..the sort of “musicians” who spend their careers in the revolving door of scandal and drug rehab only taking pause to alight from limousines sans panties, giving use eye-watering shots of shaven genitalia all of which is skillfully designed in order to boost record sales and breathe new life into sagging careers…..

    Justin Bieber!!!……Shame on you Eeyore!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. I stand by my assessment that he is on par with contemporary pop stars. In terms of composition etc. it is about the same. I am not saying it has staying power, I highly doubt it does. He is, as you point out, probably just one person in the endless ‘Debbie Gibson’ lineup to the exit of public notoriety. This doesn’t mean he is any worse than the other people who write 4 chord progressions and catchy little melodies you hear on the radio or whatever it is people use to listen to commercial releases these days.

  3. Well…….

    That qualification has redeemed you somewhat…….and without that redemption I was lining you up for a bloody good horsewhipping after which you would be dragged into the Byward Market area…..trussed up and then shot, several times, with a ball of your own shit.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. God knows I think the MSM and the tabloids are trash but that is no reason to change the First Amendment.

    I will plead guilty to never having listened to him.

  5. I’ve never heard anything by Bieber since I’m opera fan but is it really limiting 1st amendment rights to keep paparazzi under control? They make a living harassing people then selling the ‘product’. To me this is more about stalking, intimidation and possible assault than free speech. I appreciate the tabloid humour at the checkout stand especially with the prices of groceries these days but I’ve been stalked before and it’s not funny. It’s scary as hell. How can anyone, even celebrities, know the difference between dangerous crazies wanting to get close and stupid, money hungry papacrappsies looking for a easy buck? This isn’t about free speech so much as personal privacy and security.

  6. Les that is a very slippery slope you want us to walk out on, I wasn’t alive in 1934 so I don’t remember the gun control arguments from then, I do remember those from the 60s on, they all say they don’t want to ban all guns but keep trying to take more and more away. If we start limiting any journalist no matter how obnoxious who will be next, and don’t tell me no one, the left is already trying to shut up its political opponents.

  7. Les:

    There are already laws against stalking, harassment, speeding, reckless endangerment and many more things this person did. They didn’t stop him. Any additional laws would likely be free speech related and my sense was that is what Bieber was asking for. I could be wrong.

  8. I’m not arguing gun control my family and friends all have guns and I kept a gun while I was being stalked. There is not slippery slope there. The stalking laws are very hard to prove without keeping a notebook and jotting down every interaction with the stalker then the police want to know how the behavior is threatening. No one wants to press charges because they think the victim will drop them after they see how much the perp is ‘suffering’. It’s a no win situation. How could anyone who is stalked by a team of these vultures know each name and put a restraining order on each perp? The police can only press charges when the perp violates the restraining order. So how much time does a victim need to spend in the police station saying, “I don’t know his name, here’s a cell phone pic. Please do something he’s always outside my door or following my car?” I used to work at a primate center and we went through something similar when PETA decided to go after us. The shits got to stay on the other side of the road because they weren’t ‘harming’ us.

  9. Yes there is a slippery slope, once you start restricting speech where do you stop? The gun control movement started small and now 80 years later are trying to outlaw all semi-auto firearms. You don’t want to start restricting speech, any restriction you put on any type of speech will turn around and bite you.

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