UK Imams Reluctantly Accept Muslim Women Marrying Non Muslim Men

It needs to be noted, when they speak of no compulsion in religion they are saying in fact that the Muslim woman may not convert away from Islam, nor may anyone. There is however, lots of compulsion to convert TO islam.

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4 thoughts on “UK Imams Reluctantly Accept Muslim Women Marrying Non Muslim Men

  1. Seems like the UK Imams now see some tactical value in “weaponizing” or whoring out their daughters towards the goal of getting non-muslim men to convert via an islamic version of Flirty Fishing or Juliet Jihad (the female specific version of Love Jihad), similar to how the Mongols and Southeast Asian kingdoms over time became islamic via the backdoor.

    Am surprised in a sense as it would be assumed that as islamic societies allow polygamy and concubinage / slavery (even non-officially in non-muslim nations), available muslim women would be rather scarce or at a premium as evidenced with the countless single muslim men trying their luck in non-muslim nations with non-muslim women, along with the ethnic, tribal, political and religious / sectarian divisions within the islamic world with the countless stories here in the west where usually a pakistani or libyan family honor-kill their daughter and her turkish or somali boyfriend that her family did not approve of.

    The Juliet Jihad the UK Imams are only now reluctantly giving sanction can only work in a scenario where muslim families (albeit typically nominal or secular muslims) interact with the wider non-muslim secular society (even allowing their daughters to interact with secular society and engaging in “love dawa” or the more transactional “escort / call-girl jihad” at high risk of having to honor-kill them in the event their non-muslim boyfriends convince them of the falseness of islam), which if the anti-Jihad blogosphere and past blog-posts here are any indication means that things are not going to change any time soon.

  2. Speaking as a former compatriot, very few English men speak any foreign language – let alone Arabic.
    I would not be at all surprised if part of the wedding ceremony was the Arabic declaration of belief.
    Once the children are old enough to go to church/mosque – we shall discover whether they are muslim.

  3. Georgina, you are very shrewd. Always up to muslim tricks. Actually, knowing Arabic is about a must in this rapidly islamizing society. How would muslims like it when we turn the tables, that is muslim men can no longer marry non-muslim women, but the other way around is allowed? Islam forbids euthanasia, and goes down in Syria, making it very vulnerable.

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