Lecture on the meaning of Jihad by ‘Australian’ Muslims

Gotta love the honest tard. Dec 31 2012

This video footage shows an Australian (naturalized citizen originally from Hebron) Islamist Ismail al-Wahwah, an adherent of the Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam, from the Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation) Islamist party, giving a talk in Australia to what seems like an audience of young Islamists. The second person to the speaker’s left is Australian Islamist Musa Cerantonio.

H/T Don L


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One Response to Lecture on the meaning of Jihad by ‘Australian’ Muslims

  1. This amounts to treason against the Crown. I want this mongrel found and arrested. Last time I checked treason was the only crime punishable by death in Oz…

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