‘Work-place violence’ in Germany

If a man who prints, “soldier of Allah” on his business cards, preaches jihad, explains to fellow officers that he may not kill a fellow Muslim because all Muslims are by definition innocent, and who murders a bunch of US servicemen in an act of jihad is workplace violence then I guess the following clip has nothing to do with religion.

H/T Gates of Vienna

Please see this compare and contrast over at GOV

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One thought on “‘Work-place violence’ in Germany

  1. This crime sounds like another one of those time honored Islamic honor -shame rituals, unusually vicious, cruel and inhumane. Maybe it was something the victim “said” that filled the perps with shame. Ain’t MC swell! Apart from the diverse nature of the crimes, the latest to hit the streets in Europe is this revolting spectacle of Grown men throwing themselves down anywhere, at anytime in the public domain and cocking their well padded arses into the air It does not matter their reason it is beyond preposterous. Obviously these sort have some major issues with boundaries. and belong in an institution instead of being out and about among the ordinary every day folk. The Islamic mullahs have a lot to account for!

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