Woman in Germany seriously injured in acid attack

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From Le Figaro


a young woman of Turkish origins was gravely injured at Hilden (west of Germany) after being victim of an attack of sulfuric acid. the young woman aged 20, had opened the door of her home saturday morning when a stranger hosed her with a liquid from a can, explained the police of Mettmann.

“the victim immediately sensed a strong sensation of burning on the face and called for help.” that noted that it was acid. Gravelly injured the young woman was evacuated to a hospital in the region but her prognosis remains uncertain. the grand mother of the young woman was also lightly injured by the liquid.

two suspects were arrested after the attack by police. the first aged 22 of Turkish origins was arrested saturday. during his interrogation he indicated to the investigators to have financed this aggression to a person he knew has indicated the police of Mettmann and the floor of Dusseldorf in a common communication. he was presented to a judge and imprisoned.

the second suspect aged 18, presumed author of the aggression, turned himself in Sunday to the police and was to be presented to a judge. “The aggression was committed with sulfuric acid that the perpetrators had bought in a pharmacy’ explained the authorities.

UPDATE: Two Muslim turks arrested

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7 Responses to Woman in Germany seriously injured in acid attack

  1. Chris Jones says:

    I’ve never seen sulfuric acid in the pharmacy. What would that be for, anyway? Warts? How would it be if some angry-looking Arab guy comes in looking for a bottle of sulfuric acid and the pharmacist refuses to sell it to them because he knows damn well what he is buying it for? Why would anyone need a bottle of strong sulfuric acid other than to throw it in someone’s face?

  2. Martin says:

    Woman hurt in acid attack in Germany

    The victim had reported the suspected attacker three times to the police for threatening her and using physical violence.

    Authorities said the young man had been ordered to stay away from her.


  3. Santor says:

    Here is a video who show how the girls and women look after an acid attack.

  4. Eeyore says:

    Do car batteries still use it?

  5. Richard says:

    You can find it in the plumbing supplies under the trade names of liquid fire and liquid lightening, it is used to clean out clogged drains, it works best if you have PVC piping since it eats through the metal pipes.

  6. Richard says:

    I have accidently anodized a pocket knife tip removing the seal on the bottle.

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