Wapping knife attacks: Lone women targeted




30 December 2012 Last updated at 09:14 ET

Scene of attack Police patrols have been stepped up in the area as officers investigate the latest attack

A stabbing which has left a woman seriously ill could be linked to an attack in the same east London wood two weeks earlier, police have said.

The latest victim, aged 26, was targeted as she walked through the park area, known as Wapping Woods off Garnet Street, on Saturday afternoon.

A man brandishing a knife forced her into bushes and stabbed her three times in the torso.

On 4 December a woman, aged 38, was stabbed by a man who stole her camera.

Extra patrols

Given the similarities between the attacks police said they were being treated as “potentially linked”.

Police patrols have been increased in the area and people have been warned to be extra vigilant.

In the first attack the woman was walking alone through the park at about 18:25 GMT when she was approached by a man holding a knife.

After stabbing her and taking a digital camera from her bag, he ran off towards The Highway.

The violence used in these attacks is hugely concerning and could easily have led to a fatality”

Insp Joseph McDonald

He was described as being Asian, in his late teens or early 20s, between 5ft 2ins and 6ft tall, chubby with short black straight hair with his fringe brushed forward.

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2 thoughts on “Wapping knife attacks: Lone women targeted

  1. – in his late teens or early 20s:
    Any age since if caught he will claim to be 14 in order to avoid punishment, even if he is 40),
    – between 5ft 2ins and 6ft tall: a 10 inch (25cms!)
    height variation means he could have been wearing stilts, or not.
    – Asian:
    Ummm … well not caucasian at least,
    – chubby:
    No way he hasn’t had enough to eat, so not poor then..
    – with short black straight hair with his fringe brushed forward:
    only now he has brushed it back.

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