‘I am very concerned for the well-being of Western culture’


Israel Hayom:

Professor Afshin Ellian was born in Iran, was persecuted by the ayatollah regime and was granted asylum in the Netherlands • He then became a philosopher and harsh critic of Islam • He talks about Europe’s weakness in the face of Islam and says that “without the State of Israel, the Iranian utopia is meaningless.”

Dror Eydar

The problem isn’t with Muslims, but fundamentalism. Iranian-born Professor Afshin Ellian.

Photo credit: Ziv Koren

Upon his arrival to Israel, Afshin Ellian was informed by Immigration that they would waive the stamping of his passport. He could not understand. “You were born in Iran,” he was explained. “Despite holding a Dutch passport, you are also Iranian, and an Israeli entry stamp in your passport is a punishable offense in Iran.” Ellian insisted. “No, please stamp my passport. It is an honor for me to be in Israel.”

Dr. Afshin Ellian, a Dutch professor of law, philosopher, poet and sharp critic of Islam, was born in Iran in 1966. The Iranian Revolution broke out when he was thirteen, and three years later he became a fugitive, wanted by the Ayatollah regime for forbidden political activity. He fled to Pakistan and from there to Soviet-ruled Afghanistan. In 1989, Ellian received political asylum in the Netherlands and subsequently pursued a career in legal academia. He also writes columns for several newspapers in the Netherlands and abroad. Due to his consistent criticism of the Iranian regime and certain aspects of Islam, a death fatwa has been issued against him.


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3 thoughts on “‘I am very concerned for the well-being of Western culture’

  1. Here we go with the touchy-feely bullshit again, “it’s not all muslims”
    Newsflash professor, yes, it’s ALL muslims

  2. Just another one of these good professors with more degrees than a thermometer. You see: this gives them a monopoly on the BS and particularly so, if they belongs to some minority group. Notice all this talk about “integration” lately? The problem is: integrate into what? How can there be integration where there is no dominant or host culture or where the host culture -in the interests of equality- dare not assert itself or where it has been reduced to the lowest common denominator?. With respect to the “fundamentalists”- Simple, there would be none if there was no Islam. As always, for anyone interested in the truth all they have to do is check the sources of Islam itself. Too much work for the good professor and besides it would not be good for his career!

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