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2 thoughts on “CBN: Christians in the crosshairs

  1. When something like this happens to Christians and the first thing out of their mouths is how they are going to pray for their attackers, it makes me think that they want to lose. The Muslims of Nigeria do not feel that they are doing anything wrong by slaughtering Christians, so their time is wasted trying to guilt-trip them into “doing the right thing” by praying for their souls. According to their religion, they are doing the right thing. Remember that Islam was custom-designed to defeat Christians, so no one should think that praying is going to do any good. If those Nigerian Christians do not learn how to hate and how to fight, they are going to get annihilated, and the world won’t even notice, let alone care. Fight! Never mind the goody-goody stuff…

  2. The Bible says you are to forgive you attackers, it also allows you to fight back against them, many missionaries ignore the part about defending yourself and place their entire faith in prayer. All Christians haven’t forgotten that self defense is allowed.

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