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6 thoughts on “Boxing day: Man stabbed to death on Oxford St. Police have to deal with crowds like zoo animals

  1. just been to London.It is a great city at Christmas. Found a good Pub on Broadwick st ,Soho. The John Snow. Great pint of Samuel Smiths bitter and it felt like twenty years ago. Western culture in London now is like finding a novelty shop,however it is obvious to see that at night central London is the domain of mostly whites and tourists as they are the ones with money.It is plain to see that what is happening is that the Elite (white) are running the show and the plebs (coloured) are doing cleaning etc. Even the builders are still mostly white. Animosity wont be far behind. What happens in twenty to 50 years when the monarchy and government is still white. London will be like a mirror of a mini british empire,………and we all know what happened to that. I will never forgive the Labour Party.

  2. This is the fault of all parties! When Enoch Powell warned of this, he was a member of the Tory party and they were in power, letting all these ppl in. In the beginning it was the Labour party and unions who did not want them, to come and take their jobs! In UK we have the consensus; look how Cameron is allowing still more to pour in without let or hindrance. The only thing the Tories still do is fiscal stuff, but they are always careful not to tax their buddies in finance.

  3. @Stephanen: the legs looked very white on the Vlad video! The name is an African name of the guy who was stabbed in yr video.

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