Pop quiz:

This one should give you the vapors.

Given what happened to the cover band in England where the singer was arrested for singing the 80s pop hit, ‘Kung Fu Fighting‘, what would happen to these guys I wonder.

My guess is they would be in jail before the end of the first chorus

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4 Responses to Pop quiz:

  1. Richard says:

    I think you are right, and I think they know someone with a think for Japanese women.

  2. EDL Buck says:

    I was growing up when I first heard this tune, it rocks. It was written about the fact that at the time the Japanese were producing most of the cheap guff that is now produced by China. That and unemployment at the time in the UK was the same, more or less, as it is today and the UK once had manufacturing industries.

  3. Richard says:

    Just like the US, the unions prices the British and American laborer out of work, at least in the Union shop states,

  4. OxAO says:

    I went to Simon Ledger’s blog he said the chargers were dropped a few days after they took him in

    Why they took him in is the real question

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