BBC laments the lack of Islamic beachheads in Greece

Of course, the fact that the Hagia Sophia, the most important cathedral in Christendom after the Vatican and the most for Eastern Christians is still a conquered mosque where Christian worship is still strictly forbidden escapes the dhimmis at the BBC.


Athens – the EU capital city without a mosque

By Mark Lowen BBC News, Athens

Muslims worship in an improvised prayer room in Athens Some 300,000 Muslims are said to live in Athens

At Friday prayers and across Athens, Muslims gather in underground, cramped prayer rooms.

The makeshift facilities are illegal but this huge community faces no other option. Athens, a metropolis on the edge of the Muslim world, is one of the few EU capitals without a mosque.

Since Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, no government has allowed a mosque to be built in the city. It was seen by many as “un-Greek” – out of place in a country in which much more than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians.

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10 thoughts on “BBC laments the lack of Islamic beachheads in Greece

  1. I wonder if the idiots at the BBC know that in more rational times their actions would be called treason?

    If Golden Dawn has any say it will remain Mosque free.

  2. @ Richard,
    Tony Bliars Zanu labour got rid of the treason (and sedition) laws during their first year in power back in 97 (I think). They were paving the way for the pislamic invasion they had planned to “Rub the rights noses in multiculi bullshit” in the hope that the commie, tratorous mother fucking cunts would not get hung, at the time treason and sedition were the only crimes left on our staute books that called for the death penalty. They were covering their arses .

  3. The other Jewish canary of BBC in Greece, Mark Lowen, laments that there won’t be a mosque in Greece…. What happened to the 10,000 mega UK Mosque they planned in London? It was cancelled for fears of terrorism…… Right?

    Is BBC planning to show all these muslims the way to Greece? No thanks Mark, we are full…

    Jews have flourished during the 400 years of Turkish occupation in Greece…. They now have dreams for a new one! Mark baby ,who are you working for?

  4. @Richard

    Golden Dawn got 7% in the previous elections, in June. They got into the parliament. So they do have a say. Greeks are FED UP with rising immigrant criminality and this reflects on the percentage that Golden Dawn is gettin in the new polls : 12 – 14% !

    Attracted by the name Vlad Tepes ( a rare hero ) I got in here for the first time, and what do I see? An oasis of truth, contrary to the vicious attacks of Reuters and such “agents” against my country.
    I am so very thankful. You can’t believe what kind of a “silent Genocide” the Greek people are going through this time of madness! More than 4.000 Greeks have commited suicide because of bankruptsy and debts… More than 20.000 are homeless… Where is REUTERS when the REAL news explode?

    How to trust these PARROTS?

  5. Aelia one reason for the blogs is that the mainstream media haven’t been reporting real news for decades, they are in the pockets of the leftist politicians.

    The leaders of the EU have written Greece off and are now trying to figure a way to keep France from going under, since Spain, Portugal, Italy and probably Ireland is going to suffer financial collapse they are doomed to failure. Decades of leftist policies of robbing Peter to pay Paul have reached the point where Paul has no more money. If it is any comfort to you the US is due to suffer economic collapse some time next year as the fools in DC keep printing money and try to create prosperity by going deeper in debt.

    Greece is the first nation in this mess, it won’t be the last, the rest of the world will follow you down into the pit.

  6. I listened to this exact report on BBC Radio 4; I do not recall the bishop making that statement about Zionists but I do recall the reporter saying that muslim countries have churches (…) so why can’t Greece have mosques. More outrageous cover up of Christian genocide by BBC and no doubt why they left it out of this written report.
    BTW Aelia, you are no different to mozlems who blame the Jews for all their problems which are of their OWN making, just like yours. If you had paid your taxes and not lived off the largesse of the EU, you would not be in this position. I used to be angry that Turkey had occupied Cyprus but not anymore; you are both the same. Good riddance

  7. The Greeks are paying their taxes Cassandra. Who blames the Jews? A blind man can see the one-sidienes of the two BBC reporters who just by incident are of Jewish origin!

    In Greek history, Jews and Turks have committed extreme massacres, during the Ottoman occupation. There is historical proof. We cannot change that!

    Greeks do pay their taxes, they are extremely lawful as people. The question is where the taxes went…. This is to be answered by the politicians (eg. Papakonstantinou ex- finance minister ) who proclaimed Greece in such need ,that the country should be financed by the IMF, etc… The ex prime minister Giorgos Papandreou who started this, and most of his cabinet, are Greeks of Jewish origin. It is known to everyone that the Jewish diaspora work for Israel. This is the meaning of Zionism.

    The point is not Jews. The situation in Greece is far more complicated than a “fiscal” deficit as most believe. There is much at stake,
    and they want to deliberately indebt the country (lending with huge interest, and keep it going like this just to pay the interest, and not the capital), and EVENTUALLY give away national sovereignty. Secession of national territories is easier when the nation is SMALL, weak, indebted and poor….. Did you know that our Lenders FORCE immense cuts in Defense and the salaries of the Military?
    In the next months, there could be a situation like Syria (they too have immense – Leviathan- hydrocarbon deposits…) something like a “civil-war” (Left wing against the right wing ). The upheaval could be a good opportunity for a Turkish invasion to take over a part of the Aegean sea (a major part of hydrocarbon deposits is there).

    They might invade Chios, Kastellorizo, Lesvos, and other Aegean Islands. So when Tim and Mark, the jewish Canaries of BBC will be showing the dead bodies of Greeks, everyone, like you, will say something like : “They were not paying their taxes” or “They deserve it, they were racist pigs”… (But not a word for the extreme criminality of illegal immigrants in Greece, the rapes, the stabbings, the robberies to old pensioners, just to steal their pension, the Kalashnikov gangs, etc)

    Jews is not the point Cassandra. Half-truth is the point, and how one handles it. Another point is QUE BONO out of every situation. Make use of your nickname “Cassandra” please! Try to “see” ahead……

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