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6 thoughts on “What Eeyore wants for Christmas 2013

  1. Wonder what flying buckshot would do to those rotor blades? And I almost never eat at a table with a bucket of gasoline on the chair with me, nor do I walk around with a lot of touchy explosives tucked into my belt. I’m not that worried. The future is Skeet shooting.

  2. Eeyore here is the URL to build your own drone http://www.buildyourowndrone.co.uk/

    BL@KBIRD I have see news reports were some people at two different live pigeon shoots took down camera drones the animal rights people were using, both times it was credited to a rifle shot from some one in a Gilly suit that was hidden in the brush.

    I have also heard about people mounting paint ball guns on the Build your own drone models but this is the first time I heard about a machine gun.

  3. It is distance that will determine effectiveness. If you can accurately hit the target from 200m or send in one as a surprise before the main contingent ,your on to a winner. Sound has to be quieter though. In an urban environment it could be a winner. Better a machine than a man.

  4. The man did say that it would be 10 to 15 years, also I would suggest a larger caliber then .22 but the recoil was probably why he chose a .22.

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