Some of the ‘finest stupid’ I have seen from the religion of peace.

I did not edit this in any way. All the text and video is from the original source. Feel free to click through to the youtube page. I do however, feel that people this stupid should probably be denied antibiotics or any other post 700 AD medicines that require a basis in biology and evolutionary theory to have created lest we upset the whole Darwinian apple cart.
H/T Fjordman

By the way, here is an explanation offered for the sitting frog as offered on the comments of this video, and which I do not doubt is accurate in the slightest.

hellstradingpost 12 hours ago

I have seen it as a kid. Muslim kids stick the frog on the nail through the frog’s ass. It’s very cruel. The frog struggled in pain for long time; it takes over an hour before the frog sits still like this because it gave up struggling and ready to die.

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6 thoughts on “Some of the ‘finest stupid’ I have seen from the religion of peace.

  1. It just goes to show how dodgy the Muslim faith is. You can’t have much faith in your god if you have to make things up.
    Allah obviously doesn’t care if you create scenarios in his name and falsely attribute miracles to him. That’s because he is a powerless, stupid non-existent god. Muslims are cretins, pathetic deceitful, lying morons – stupid enough to believe that non-Muslims would be stupid enough to believe this shit!

  2. Along with being empty headed, empty hearted and empty handed, Muslims are spectacularly superstitious. Buy a Black Labrador puppy and take it for a walk down by the mosque. You will bring terror to their dark enslaved souls.

  3. And indeed, another fine example of the cognative functioning skills of inbred islamotards straight off the shortbus from one of those 57 intellectual powerhouses known collectively as dar al-islam.

    There must be much goat DNA in the inbred, hyper-homogenous muhominid genome. Nothing else can explain such absurd, superstitious stupidity of muzztards. Nothing.

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