Pig’s head dumped at Thurnby Lodge centre used for prayers by Muslims

And of course, British media and courts etc. will treat this with equal or greater importance and severity than they do when Muslims commit real crimes as opposed to improper food storage ordinances, if such exist there.

Much more importantly however, is the fact of how Muslims usurp communal property and make it a proprietarily Islamic one and force out all other groups or uses. For an excellent lecture on that please see Gavin Boby’s speech in Melbourne. This is clearly the issue here. That other residents and taxpayers of this area are annoyed that a public community center is now a mosque and nothing but a mosque.

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This is Leicestershire

A pig’s head has been left at the doors of a community centre used as a Muslim place of worship.

Thurnby Lodge Community Centre, in Leicester, is used for prayers by Muslim group As Salaam.

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    Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact police on 101

In recent months, the centre has become the focus of a row over the group’s desire to pray instead at a neighbouring disused Scout hut, owned by Leicester City Council.

Muslims going to and from prayers at the centre have had to walk past protesters who say the Scout hut should be for wider community use.

At 7.30am on Wednesday, Muslims who arrived to unlock the community centre in Thurncourt Road found a pig’s head by the automatic front door.

Muslims are forbidden from eating pork and many consider pigs to be unclean animals, and leaving a pig’s head at the doors is an insulting gesture to Muslims.

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4 thoughts on “Pig’s head dumped at Thurnby Lodge centre used for prayers by Muslims

  1. We’ll begin to see more and more of these porcine ‘non-crimes’ and eventually the Police will be unable to keep wasting resources trying to catch the people responsible. After all, public opinion now appears to be swaying against Islam and I wouldn’t be surprised if many police officers secretly feel the same. They probably want to spend more resources on catching the Muslims who commit real crimes where people actually get hurt, rather than the victimless crimes that are a cost only to the perpetrators, who let’s face it are spending good money on pork.
    Of course, the hapless Leftists will still complain, but let them. I for one won’t be listening to their moans and very soon a lot more people won’t be either. It’s all down to the long-suffering public now, and the more I read about Muslims being offended, the more it brings a smile to my face.

  2. You are right Bob, and if the Moslems aren’t brought into compliance with the laws by the legal system you will see the locals in all European nations resort to vigilantism.

  3. http://i50.tinypic.com/2ymhp1z.jpg

    Volunteers for Outreach4Islam as well as other Leicester based Islamic groups are planning on increasing their efforts to call the non-Muslims of Thurnby Lodge to dialogue and understanding, and to separate those with understandable worries and complaints from the narrow minded violent organisations like the EDL.

    The incident came amid tension over the group’s plans to open an Islamic centre in a disused Scout hut neighbouring the community centre. There have been months of protests, including involvement by the English Defence League and the British National party, whose leader, Nick Griffin, visited the area in August.

    Protests were held against As Salaam, and a group calling itself the Committee for the Forgotten Estates of Thurnby Lodge and Netherhall handed a petition with 1,500 signatures opposing the plans to the city council. As a result, earlier this month, the council put As Salaam’s plans out for consultation and said a decision would be made in January.

    He also said, despite denials by protesters, that opposition has been driven by far-right groups. The petition was handed in by self-proclaimed Leicester EDL member Chris Hopewell and Griffin attended a protest to express his support for opponents of the plans.

    Leicestershire police said 9 people had been arrested in connection with the protests in recent months.


  4. Do the police seriously believe that anyone, other than some poor thin-skinned muslim with a grudge, is going to report their neighbour for this practical joke?

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