Indian rape victim dies in hospital

This is sad. I have no idea if there is an Islamic element to this or not, although people have tipped me links suggesting that there has been a cover up and that they were Muslims, in any case this is sad beyond words and I hope India finds a way to profoundly discourage this behavior no matter who is doing it.


India Gang Rape

FILE – In this Dec. 26, 2012 file photo, Indians participate in a candle light vigil to seek a quick recovery of the young victim of the recent brutal gang-rape in a bus in New Delhi, India. A statement by Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth hospital, where the 23-year-old victim was being treated, said she died Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das, File)


SINGAPORE (AP) — A young Indian woman who was gang-raped and severely beaten on a bus in New Delhi died Saturday at a Singapore hospital, after her horrific ordeal galvanized Indians to demand greater protection from sexual violence that impacts thousands of women daily, in homes, streets and public transport, but which often goes unreported.

She “passed away peacefully” with her family and officials of the Indian embassy by her side,” said Dr. Kevin Loh, the chief executive of Mount Elizabeth hospital where she had been treated since Thursday. “The Mount Elizabeth Hospital team of doctors, nurses and staff join her family in mourning her loss,” he said in a statement.

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17 thoughts on “Indian rape victim dies in hospital

  1. Partition was a travesty. Muslims do not have exclusive right to any Indian land. Pakistan is an abomination. All of Kashmir is Hindu land, is Indian land, so is Sindh, all of Punjab, East Bengal etc… It does not belong to Muslim invaders but to indigenous Indians. The travesty in Kashmir is they Hindus driven out of their ancient homeland of Kashmir by violent Muslim terrorists and living in refugee camps in India.

    There is no such thing as Muslim land. Islam is a new religion. All that so call Muslim land belongs to others, South Asia to Hindus, Iran to Zoroastrians, the Middle East even Saudi Arabia belongs to the long vanquished Arab polytheistic and Jews and Christians.

  2. The murderers were all hindu (their names were already published). The victim was muslim – she is being referred to as Amanat – an urdu name. This attack is not unusual (exempting the barbarity of it all) – and victims in India are disproportionately of muslim background (a high percentage of indian muslims are secular/non-religous). Of course your complete and utter hatred often belies the truth.

    PS. with 900K muslims in Canada, or 3% of the population, there has been not one muslim gang rape against non-muslims here. Why is that?

  3. Arrested suspects: Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta, Askay Thakur, Raju ALL of them hindus. Most hindus of course are non criminal. But tagging this onto muslims with zero proof…unbelievable. Makes all the rest of your work become suspect. You sound like one of those guys on storefront that blames everything on jews. Just different ethnicity on your part.

  4. Will smith: there are a lot of problems that don’t make since with the gang rape in India. One: she was attacked by ramming a iron bar up inside her. In order to do that kind of trauma the attackers would have had to have a lot of anger. That isn’t consistent with a typical rape.

  5. Another thing impalement is traditionally a Islamic torture. Except in ancient India only if it was a treasonous act against the king they called it Kazhuvetram.

    I have a feeling there is more to this story

  6. She is not being referred to as Amanat but Damini (google it) which is from a Bollywood movie. her real name is not known. And the only thing being reported about her is that she is a young med student. Majority of criminals in jail are Muslim, so if the majority of victims are Muslim (and this is not true, this guy is trying to portray Muslims as the perpetual victim) then it is more likely by their own people.

  7. Damini is not Muslim but Hindu name. No one knows the religion of the girl. And in truth no one cares. They don’t want this for any woman.

  8. I followed a link to this story which gave the names of the rapists. They appeared to be Sikhs. I don’t know if what I saw was real, but that’s what I saw. Sorry I can’t say more, I lost the link.

  9. Damini was cremated and her ashes went to the Ganges it is reported. Obviously the victim was Hindu.

    The names of the criminals are as follows Ram Singh, the bus driver, and his brother, Mukesh Singh, were both arrested in Rajasthan; Vinay Sharma, an assistant gym instructor, was arrested in Delhi,[36] as was Pawan Gupta, a fruit seller; Muhammad Afroz aka Raju[37], a minor,[38]

    So there was one Muslim but I don’t think this crime is religion motivated as the group is mixed faith. The others could be either Hindu or Sikh.

    It is shameless of Muslims to use this rape to make themselves out to be the victim. It is high time for Muslims to stop trying to take over the world and subjugated all non Muslims. They never stop to think that their own imperial dreams are the source of conflict they have with every other faith in the world from every continent.

  10. The juvenile and most vicious one ( ripped out her intestines) was Mohammed Afroz alias Raju, he is a muslim. The victim was Damini and she was hindu.

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