DOJ Forces Mega-Mosque on Norwalk, CT Community

Radical Islam:

Sun, December 23, 2012


Ryan Mauro

Residents of the area of the proposed mosque were not bigoted; they were worried about traffic and safety. (Screenshot: Al-Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk in Connecticut wasn’t ready to give up when its proposal for a 27,000 square foot facility was turned down by the zoning commission over matters completely unrelated to religion. The Islamic Center sued, asserting—as you might have guessed—it was religious discrimination. The cry of “Islamophobia” got the Justice Department on its side, and the zoning commission suddenly changed its mind after a closed session.

The current Islamic Center was established in 1999 and serves 100 families. Feeling that more space was needed, the Center purchased the property in 2008 and made the $3.5 million proposal in the spring of 2010. It calls for a facility with an 80 foot minaret to serve as a community center and mosque, including eight classrooms, two libraries, three offices, a kitchen, a gymnasium and other rooms. It has a capacity for 1,000 people.

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4 Responses to DOJ Forces Mega-Mosque on Norwalk, CT Community

  1. Truthiocity says:

    I’ve been to that area countless times and NEVER saw a single muslim woman ANYWHERE. Just sayin.

  2. Eeyore says:

    I wonder what it will be like a year after this thing is built.

  3. Richard says:

    A lot of Moslems, they will move in once the Mosque is built. Obama and his people are hard at work trying to destroy the us.

  4. Arun says:

    If you build it they will come. But who knew it could apply so aptly in a non baseball setting.

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