France Experiencing Dramatic Rise in Crime

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Remember the first year of Obama?

France is now experiencing its first year of Hollande and having your country by an incompetent Socialist with no skills except raising taxes and spending money, secure in the knowledge that his base will always turn out for him, does not do good things to the morale of a nation.

The month of November 2012 registered 15,000 more victims than the same month last year (295,000 reported incidents compared with 280,000 in November 2011).

A closer look reveals that thefts in principal and secondary residences, always a priority, exploded by 17.2% (more than 24,000 incidents), break-ins of businesses by 12.7% (almost 6000 incidents).

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11 thoughts on “France Experiencing Dramatic Rise in Crime

  1. Oh, it might have been 3 links…in which case you might have about 6 “copies” of my post, I even tried it without the links, it still didn’t work, yet my couple of short ones worked. Well, perhaps some “ghost in the machine” is giving me a hint to be a little less verbose 😉

  2. Rita has been trying to post the following comment and WP is not only not posting it but not informing me that it is in the queue. Here it is:

    The appointment of the virulent anti-white islamophile France-hating “Minister for Justice”, Christine Taubira, is directly responsible After 5 minutes in her job, she decreed that THE main demographic of violent crime and drug pushing will not be incarcarated any more, if they are under 18 (or 19) y.o., because, so this hateful woman declared: “they carry the weight of the French colonisation on their shoulders”. At the same time, she completely disempowered the French police who are – after Jews and women, the most important target of these violent arabo/african/islamo “youth”.

    Taubira is ably assisted by Hollande (the socialist gutless President) who just a few days ago, kissed algerian bum, declaring that the French were bad bad bad in Algeria, and the Arabs were good good good and victims victims victims. His speech was nothing short of treason to the hundred thousands of victims – French, pro french Algerians (Harkies), Algerian-born French eg Pieds Noirs and Algerian Jews.

    The tragi-comedy playing out in France stinks to high heaven.

    Oh and while the French President publicly praised and congratulated, or whatever the word is, the French Muslims/Islamists at the end of their Ramadan, not a word did he have for the REAL French people to wish them “Happy Christmas”. The only politician doing this was Marine LePen, from the Front National, the only hope for France.

  3. Were the French elections as crooked as the last American election was? Vote fraud is the only reason some on like him could be elected.

  4. @ Richard
    “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” is a quote that is (wrongly some say) attributed to Joseph Stalin, but I think it’s a good one.

    In France 98 % of Muslims voted left…I dont know how many of them were among the vote counters;)

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