Radical Muslims Take Anti-Christian Protest to St Paul’s Cathedral on Christmas Eve

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December 24, 2012 10:31 AM GMT

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral

A group of radical Muslims is planning to use St Paul’s Cathedral to protest against the sins of British society and the fallacy of the Bible.

The protesters were due to gather putside the cathedral at 1pm, while a Christmas Eve Eucharist takes place inside.

Ahead of the protest, radical preacher Anjem Choudary claimed that Jesus belonged to Islam and that British society was riddled with “sin”.

“We say Jesus is a Muslim prophet and not the Son of God,” he said in a leaflet.

Choudary, a former solicitor, has previously been linked to raidical groups including  Al Gruabba and Islam4Uk, which were banned by the government for inflammatory preaching and praising terroist attacks including 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings.

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Below, Chaudary’s bloviating on Jesus, Christmas and Tardism.

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8 thoughts on “Radical Muslims Take Anti-Christian Protest to St Paul’s Cathedral on Christmas Eve

  1. Can’t watch this video, not now, it’s Christmas Eve. I’ll watch it some other time.
    Anjem Choudary always irritates me worse than toothache. I’m in good Christmas spirits and I can’t let this fat, noxious little upstart ruin it for me!
    Of course if you post some good news, like Anjem’s beard catching fire, then I could be tempted!

  2. Really! I tried. I really did try and watch the video. I lasted about 4 seconds.
    Oh! by the way, Merry Christmas Anjem – God loves you. And Merry Christmas to Vlad nation.

  3. I too could not bring myself to watch Anjem. I’ve heard him already (too many times) and his hate, smugness, narcissism, supremacism, and gloating are not good fare for Christmas Eve. Please post this again in a few days. Let’s hope that this time Anjem has overstepped his boundaries (weak as they are) and the complacent Brits will wake up – before it’s too late.

  4. Hi, folks. And I couldn’t watch Anjem either. He has got to be the most annoying Muslim who ever lived and I can always feel my stomach tightening into a knot when I hear him speak. Anjem knows what he’s doing. He’s as British as anybody, and he knows. He knows that the correct response to his message and to the absolute certainty of the way he delivers it, is entirely deserving of a John Wayne-style punch in the head. A great big right. And the fact that everybody is too afraid of political correctness to do that says that we are all bitches. Yes. That’s what really bugs me. He is saying, “You Infidels are all girly-man bitches and you don’t have the balls to put me down.” Imagine if a white Christian went to Pakistan and did what Anjem Choudary does in the UK? He would most certainly be sentenced to death but would never live to see the inside of the courtroom
    – that’s what would happen. I’d like to see Prince Harry walk up to the idiot and punch his lights out. Yes…

    Merry Christmas Eeyore, and Richard and Softly Bob and Jen and Ramjetejmar. And a Happy New Year.

  5. Like you all, could not watch this idiot for more than a few seconds, nothing wors than a convert.
    He needs a motorcycle ride ” hamas style”
    I bet his is on welfare like most of his muslim brothers in England’s Islamic Republic

  6. There will thankfully be exceptions but, sadly, too many modern European “Christians” will look at this and reflexively wonder – once again – what they did to cause it and what appeasements they should offer in order to prevent it happening again.

    I will bet anyone here that at some point within the next 10 years, somewhere in Europe an entire apostate “Christian” congregation will vote to convert to Islam en masse and turn their church building into a mosque. They will be lauded in the press and held up as an example of what true tolerance looks like.

    This prediction made Christmas day, 2012. Write it down.

  7. Don’t be too hard on this bearded head banger Chaudary. He is one of the best assets the Counter Jihad has because he is the real face of Islam and speaks its truths.

    He contributes immensely by simply saying what the rest of them think and hope for but publicly deny and they hate him for letting the cat out of the bag too soon.

    So Merry Christmas, Andy, and thanks for being a complete and utter prat.

    (And genuine best Christmas wishes to you, Vlad, and to all of your readership.)

    Seneca III

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