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5 thoughts on “Muslim lecture on how to deal with people wishing you a joyful Merry Christmas

  1. This fellow and his comrades at the mosque dont have to worry about this Christian wishing him a Merry Christmas. All he’ll get from me is rude unwelcoming behavior.

    Go back where you came from.

  2. This Muslim fuckwit is right when he says that Allah has no son and that’s because Jesus is the son of God and not the son of Mohammed’s imaginary friend. As for wishing Muslim Merry Christmas, well he has no fear there, at least not from me!

  3. In short if someone says, “Happy Christmas” your response should be,”prove to me he is the son of Allah.”

    Softly Bob answers the question

    But notice he sounds a lot like Atheists

  4. Our Muslim neighbours in Easton used to say “Happy Christmas” to us, and would also admire our Christmas tree, which was in the bay window, clearly visible from the street. At the same time, Oxfam were removing Christmas trees from their shops to avoid offending those of other faiths. Offended by a tree. Hmmm.

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