Links and News Dec 21 2012

1. An excellent short article about the European Union

two small excerpts:

The EU, Broder says, is the most powerful attempt since the end of Socialism to disenfranchise citizens and undemocratise society. The EU does not solve problems, it is the problem.

: there is no such thing as an ugly bride – just a shortage of vodka. From that one infers that you have to be drunk to see merit in the EU. But vodka or not, “lousy remains lousy”

2. Article on Egyptian Protests 

3. Canada delists MEK from international terrorist group.

Now this is an interesting story. The MEK are one wierdo bunch of mujahadeen. They are the single largest threat to the government of Iran by far. They are in essence a sort of Islamic cult where all the leaders are women and they meet in France once a year for a major blow out. One person I know described them as “A group you want to win against the IRI but not take power in Iran”. That seems a pretty reasonable assessment to me.

They were actually put on the terrorist list by Bill Clinton as a favour to the IRI itself during some negotiations with the Iranian government. It is well past the time where they should have been removed. Like his wife in this administration, both Clintons seem easily duped by Muslim supremacists.

4.  Barry Rubin offers proof that US policy is turning Syria into an anti western Islamist state. On purpose.

5. Shisha a problem in UK

6. Iran and Al Queda to launch massive attacks in European cities?

7. Iran declares that all Christian women can be raped.

Now that should save a lot of time.

8. Afghan girl who had nose cut off, restored due to Western surgical methods.

9. Mohamed Ali robs stores with AK47.

10. A little British honesty about immigration policies.

 Labour did not “make a mistake” by throwing open the door to millions of homeless and jobless foreign migrants.

Mass immigration was no error. It was deliberate Labour policy, an act of calculated deceit imposed by a bullying regime at the expense of its own working-class voters.

The plan was devised in private and rammed through against ferocious opposition by the British public, who were shamefully silenced as “racist”.


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  1. Syria rebels threaten to attack Christians

    AFP – Syrian rebels have warned two Christian towns in the central region of Hama they will be attacked if they do not evict pro-regime fighters, according to a video distributed by a watchdog on Saturday.

    The footage released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and entitled “Warning mainly to Christian cities in the province of Hama”, shows seven Islamist fighters armed with Kalashnikovs.

    “We issue this warning so that you expel gangs of (President Bashar al-) Assad and shabiha (pro-regime militia) from your towns and convince them not to bomb our villages and families,” said a fighter who identified himself as Rashid Abul Fida, head of the Al-Ansar Brigade in Hama.

    “If not, we will immediately attack the hideouts of Assad’s gangs and shabiha.”

    Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said the towns of Mharda and Al-Sqilbiya to which the rebel video was addressed both had pre-war populations in the tens of thousands but most of their residents had already fled, taking refuge in the coastal province of Tartus.

    Rebels on Monday launched an all-out assault on army positions across Hama, according to the Observatory.

    “Since the start of operations to liberate Hama province, the (rebel) Free Syrian Army has attacked the tyrant’s soldiers and shabiha in the majority of towns and villages,” said Abul Fida.

    There are some 1.8 million Christians in Syria, many of whom have remained neutral in the country’s conflict. Others have taken Assad’s side, for fear of the rise of Islamism.

  2. In Sign of Normalization, Pentagon to Reimburse Pakistan $688 Million

    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon quietly notified Congress this month that it would reimburse Pakistan nearly $700 million for the cost of stationing 140,000 troops on the border with Afghanistan[…]

    The biggest proponent of putting foreign aid and military reimbursements to Pakistan on a steady footing is the man President Barack Obama is leaning toward naming as secretary of state: Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts. Mr. Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has frequently served as an envoy to Pakistan, including after the killing of Osama bin Laden, and was a co-author of a law that authorized five years and about $7.5 billion of nonmilitary assistance to Pakistan.

    The United States also provides about $2 billion in annual security assistance, roughly half of which goes to reimburse Pakistan for conducting military operations to fight terrorism.

    more on the page :

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