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11 thoughts on “Alain Wagner interviews leader of political party in Egypt, over 100,000 members

  1. A brave man indeed! Yet his statement that the salafists and the brotherhood “do not understand islam” is of course a tragic defense of the very religion that has put these theocratic totalitarians in power. Truly islam is at the heart of the vision of the islamic revivalist movements all over the Dar al islam. Theocratic totalitarianism IS islam, no more no less.

    That he is unable to point this out both perhaps to himself and surely to the majority muslim public of his home country, is a perfect illustration of the deep problems muslims are trapped in socially, mentally and politically.

  2. Your Holiness,
    What you say of islam 101 is indeed correct and I offer you no arguement there. But what I would offer is this, Mr Shaheen, surrounded by bearded clams who would cut his throat and bugger his corpse , would do just that if they thought he was an apostate or a secular muslim most likely if they thought he was a “moderate”. could that be why he uses the language he offers as a double taqiyya?

  3. You are absolutely right that deadly violence from the upholders of islamic orthodoxy is what restricts him from speaking the truth freely and openly. And perhaps you are also right he would be more radical in his critique if this was not so.

    My point being only, that this in any case speaks volumes about the atmosphere of hate, violence, suppression and stagnation that islam creates in a society.

  4. I think both his holiness and buck are right, it is hard for people living in nations where the right to speak our own minds is part of our heritage to realize just how stifling living in a culture where you can’t be honest in what you think can be.

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