Naked women protest religion, Egypt’s Morsi and Ikhwan

Story over at Snaphanen.Dk

Additional story at Gulf News:

The cold truth?

Bible in the bush

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12 Responses to Naked women protest religion, Egypt’s Morsi and Ikhwan

  1. Richard says:

    I hope nothing got frostbitten.

  2. Rita says:

    Would Sweden be back from the brink? (I wish I could read the -swedish?- article).

  3. Well we know from Moses that a fire in the bush, is very biblical!


  4. cassandra says:

    Let’s see them demo outside the Egyptian or Iranian embassy…

  5. I hereby volunteer to be their bodyguard. Seriously brave girls.

  6. OxAO says:

    Does it matter what their message it?

  7. Richard says:

    Pope Urban II very good, I laughed so hard it scared my cat.

  8. EDL Buck says:

    There was a message?

  9. islam is the solution says:

    God will destory them .because islam protect the women not like the west civilization which undermine the women

  10. mac says:

    what a shame… theres too many ways to protest, but they chose the ugly one…what next!!!

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