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6 thoughts on “A pure bulls**t Canadian supreme court decision on testifying with your face covered.

  1. Utter garbage. She might as well not bother to turn up at all. What about identity? How do we know who is testifying? It could be anybody.

  2. Note that testifying without face covering is labeled one of two “extremes”. The supreme court, as well as many another institution, at the expense of the people who built western democracies, happily busies itself with academic “spielereien”, instead of taking the short road and shipping these primitives manu militari to a country where the courts will happily receive their testimony while fully facially clad. Or not. Survival of western democracies depends very much not only on a total stop of immigration from third/fourth world countries under the current conditions, but also on a massive removal of appeasers and facilitators from every institution, and on every level. A truly Herculean task.

  3. It is a bullshit ruling, the left has taken over the educational system and they are teaching the lawyers to find all sorts of reasons that people don’t have to obey the law.

  4. One would think that any Muslim woman who was repeatedly raped as a child as per sharia would be repulsed by the sharia requirement of donning the niqab. Just goes to show that NS is more of an agent provocateur for jihad than a victim.

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