Snaphanen: The Swedish riots continue. 2 schools closed.

Letting muslims into Western schools is starting to look like putting lipstick on a pig from this and countless stories I hear from teachers and genuine students.

Google translation from Snaphanen:

NB: From 13:40 it is not alive, but up again. It shone through the crisis society, I was about to say, ‘a look into the anthill’, but in an anthill, there is perfect order. Good or Bad? The technique is dangerous, as Aftonbladet writes , or is it the human factor? Of course instrumentalise technique an ‘instant hysteria society’, but hysteria core and the social conditions must be present for the media. We understand of course that it is really thorn in AB’s socialist censorship filter, not least Cantwells .

There are indications that the riots from going to continue. Two schools are closed, people gather. The city is under severe crisis management by the police. You can watch it on MSM GT.SE and Göteborg Posten . Femtiotal young people utanför Framtidsgymnasiet Showing stream is irrelevant, it will be taken down again at any rate temporarily, but it can be important during the day and evening. The lone gøteborger will need helpers and fresh power to your phone. Nedsättande konton disseminates in Sweden. Många young people have samlats – Spant läge.

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19 thoughts on “Snaphanen: The Swedish riots continue. 2 schools closed.

  1. Muslims can go faster than the speed of light! They can go from 2012 to the 7th centuary in nano seconds! At last a muslamic scientific achivement! Well done to the goat humping inbreads, my hat is doff’d in your direction.

  2. All this incoming material could be gathered in order to create a full and complete post on this issue. It looks that this material could have a strong impact, judging from what has already come to light.

  3. Yeah except that its quite foggy at the moment. Is this just the modern facts of life for teenagers anywhere that has access to social media or is this a genuine problem resulting from Islamic culture infecting schools? I can’t seem to get enough information on the event to know if this is a nothing story that should never have made international press status which is just a teenage girl calling some other girl a slut, or is this some islamic thing where there is an attempt to crush and degrade the indigenous culture of the Swedes.

    If you know anything Hermes or want to compile an article please let me know and I’ll publish once its done.

  4. Well I’m lost. But I did see that Swedes drop a lot of cigaret butts on street corners. Was that the new Canon UR1 Dhimmie camera that lowers its lens to the pavement when ‘Slums pass by?

  5. From what I gather it was about how she dresses and an accusation of having sex with a guy

    In other words the “Islam way of life” submit or die. <— my opinion

  6. Ok I am slow. her previous video she made was a rap song about a black grouse and a sausage.
    It was a comical video.

    this is why she is being accused of having sex with a black guy

  7. Richard that is basically it in a nut shell. Though non of the posts i can find is specific on Islam but their ‘way of life’ is being attacked by teenagers being teenagers.

  8. Hermes:

    It doesn’t seem any clearer to me at all.

    1. What did she post and who was she?

    2. Why is it immigrants who were upset by this posting? I do not feel that I have any better idea of this event at all. Its just more detail of the mayhem but not an explanation of the event that I can see.

  9. The pages and the pics have been deleted but some are still on Google and i found 3 of them to give you an idea –

    There were at least over 600 pics of young muslimahs scantily clad wearing heavy make-up – trying to look like under-age porn stars or lolitas – all this might have been very disturbing for their muslim brothers – probably the photos were meant to stay private but some of the “best friends” on the social networks kept sending the pics with saucy comments to the instagram page –

    -then to save the honour of the muslim community someone started a facebook page to find the girl who started it all to get at her

  10. 1. I posted a Youtube video of her. and she was calling some of the Immigrant kids in her school a “Black Grouse” she made a rap song as well. She was playing around. It wasn’t posted on instagram.

    2. As this poster points out:
    “Aha myself, I thought that Black Grouse was a bird, I did not realize that the immigrants took the word and changed the meaning of the sentence.”

    Note: the article says she was arrested. I don’t see what charges they could have on her?

  11. There are a lot of unanswered questions. I don’t believe this girl was the one that uploaded the pictures but she is the one that got the ball rolling I believe.

  12. Who is going to pay for the criminal damages done to the public and private property? Who is responsible for these feral thugs and it seems that there were no native Swedes among them? Do these thugs have any parents or community leaders? You see: It does not matter where these riots take place be it Guthenberg or Malmo or Paris or London or anywhere else in Europe. At the end of the day the story is always the same one. Namely: it is the ordinary everyday folk who are obliged to bear this burden and pay the price for their malfunction, vandalism and violence . In fact it is all about their rights nothing about their duties- as if one is possible without the other! Thanks very much and Happy Christmas [The importance of being Homer]

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