Mallorca: Threatening Graffiti Left on Mosque After Muslims Accused of Raping Teenage Girl Were Released Without Charge

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Islam Vs. Europe:

07:40 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

This from sa Pobla in Mallorca, Spain.

The president of the Islamic Association Ibno Mazigh of sa Pobla, Bagdad Haddouti, yesterday morning filed a complaint with the local police related to the appearance of threatening graffiti that appeared on the local mosque.

The Muslim spokesman, in his statement to Ultima Hora [newspaper] demonstrated the concern of his community about the incidents that have occurred. “We are a peaceful people and the convivencia in sa Pobla has been as it should. Yesterday morning graffiti appeared and we are very worried. They drew an image of an explosive device and wrote the word ‘bomb’. They also marked the entrance to the mosque with an ‘x’ on the ground,” he concludes.

Source: Ultima Hora H/T: Maria José

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4 Responses to Mallorca: Threatening Graffiti Left on Mosque After Muslims Accused of Raping Teenage Girl Were Released Without Charge

  1. Richard says:

    Sharia law in action, Moslem rapes on Moslem, no crime. Non Moslems object, crime.

  2. Tom Billesley says:

    Nah. The graffiti says “Bomba”. That’s ice cream in Spain.

  3. Eeyore says:

    Its also a popular dance, although it requires a little bit of grace. For me for you, and higher and higher.

  4. marge72 says:

    Of course, the RAPE and destruction of Non Muslim young girls and women pale by comparison to an allegation of racism or racial hatred however outlandish or misconceived. Perversity or diversity is strength, you see! Meantime, the mullahs should brush up on their art skills, that attempt was hopelessly childish. The most striking characteristic of the mullahs is they have no imagination. That is their punishment from the Gods for their lack of respect for God given freedoms such as that of speech- you know that one freedom which distinguishes humankind from the dumb animals. It is all about repetition- see one hoax and you have seen them all!

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