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15 thoughts on “Indians protest gang rape of woman on bus. Many arrested including driver…

  1. If the rapists were Muslim and the Indians are too afraid to even mention them by name for fear of riots and bombings, then I guess the Muslims pretty much have them by the balls. This is why it is so important that countries that are not yet swamped by Muslims make a point of not allowing them entry under any conditions. There is no way to deal with Muslims, other than to give in to them or kill them. That is what it eventually comes down to. It is too late for India, but not yet for much of the rest of the world. Muslims make sure that there is never a good solution to the problems that they create. They are a truly unreasonable people.

  2. This is not about a Muslim or a Hindu or Any Religion,, It is about Women Rights so Why are u Blaming Muslims.. the Names are not Out yet ..!!! One more thing Mr Chris John Islam supports more women rights than any other Religion. The Human rights that UN declared in 1948 were already mentioned in the Holy Qur’an 1400 years back. And if the Culprits are Muslims.. ALLAH will Punish them.. whoever they were .. they will be punished ..

  3. Blaming Muslims seems like the most logical and probable conclusion. This rapist could in this case be non-Muslim, but even you would agree that many times over it’s the Muslims that are the rapist.

    This is one of many great sites that attempt to document the numerous occurrences where the followers of moHAMmad are guilty.


  4. Every Community has both a Bad Person and a Good Person.. Due to One Bad Person U cannot kill Every Muslim.. and As I told U if It would b a Muslim he would b Punish.. and I don’t believe this fact that Most Rapists are Muslims.. Its all fake to Do people against Islam.Moreover Saudi Arab is only One Country where there is Least Rape attempts,, It is a Muslim Country. And Islam is against such Violent acts.. The Muslims who do this are Out of the Boundary of Islam the minute they do it..and The Culprits will be Punished and Burnt in Hell at the Day of Judgement

  5. I have read the Quran, Reda ShEikh, so don’t bother trying to fool me with things that you just made up. The Quran states plainly that women are inferior to men. It doesn’t say to be cruel to them, but it does say they are inferior. As such, it is ridiculous to say that Islam is the religion of women’s rights, isn’t it.

    Also. Wondering about something and asking questions is not the same as being certain about something and making statements. Nobody is stating that these rapists are Muslim – they could be a gang of white Christian Republican men in suits and ties for all I know. They are, though, wondering if the obvious lack of description – including names of the rapists – points to them being Muslims, since the mainstream is so protective of Islam. You see, if they were called things like, Mohammed Ramadam, and Hamza Islam, it would be a pretty good indicator that they were Muslim. You see, some of us have developed this sort of radar that goes “beep” every time the media starts covering up the truth whenever the story veers toward a member of the religion of peace doing something horrible somewhere…

  6. Reda is being obtuse. This has nothing to do with who is a ‘good person or bad person’. This has to do with cultural and religious norms and the behavior that stems from them. In Islam someone who is a gang rapist of infidel girls IS a good person. As for the rest of his post, its laughable. In Saudi Arabia nearly ever sexual act would likely be considered rape by a Western court as women have so little choice in their own sexual destiny. hell in their own destiny of pretty much any kind.

    By the way, the Koran teaches Muslims that if their chattel disobeys them to send them to beds apart and then beat them. It does not say lightly, that is only in the PC version for western people. The koran in scribeley just says “beat them”

    My purpose for publishing the story on the gang rape in India is because the story is horrific and the very idea that the staff of the bus would participate in a gang rape is so repugnant that international attention needs to be shone on it so that pressure can be applied to shift the culture away from that kind of behavior altogether no matter who did it. However if we look at Islam and Islamic behavior around the world, and if we look at say, England where Muslim rape of infidel girls and women is so common its almost not worth reporting as news, then one is within reasonable grounds to ask if this even is a muslim-on-hindu action. I still think the odds are high that it was.

  7. Vladtepes …. this time the rapists were all non-Muslims. I have the names in my blog …. can’t remember off hand, but I think there was a Singh and his brother and a fruit seller and one other. The names were found at an Indian-Muslim’s blog. Two others are on the run … maybe caught by now hopefully.
    Bottom line …. both Muslims and Hindus are into raping women.

  8. Dodo thank you. Yes Rape is a basic human failing, no argument. But I stand by what I said above. The issue is, when does a culture itself make this failing something to be desired? Islam certainly does.

    I did not post, for example, a recent article about a Muslim hospital worker that took advantage of vulnerable patients in a sexual manner because he killed himself before the trial. This to me suggests that he felt shame. Which means he knew in his personal culture that what he did was wrong. Therefore its a non issue for this blog. Theft, murder, rape, all these things are human failings. Some cultures develop complex and difficult methods both for prevention, protection and punishing those who allow themselves to submit to these weaknesses and failings of the species.

    Islam makes them into admirable traits. This is the reason I post those examples. I most sincerely hope that Hinduism does not also hold those values.

  9. The gang rape in India brought out a lot of fury and protest by Indians. Nothing in the Hindu Vedas would permit theft, rape etc… These are not admirable traits, neither is subjugating non-Hindus country after country, nor taking over the world to make it only for Hinduism. In fact India was a place for refugees from the Zoroastrians (fleeing Muslims) to Tibetan Buddhists. Is it perfect. No, no religion is, but it does not seek world domination by any means necessary.

  10. OT. I don’t know if any of you are on Facebook, but there is a page run by an ex-Muslimah. It is called Faithless Daughter. Many of you are very knowledgeable of what Islam teaches and may be of help in busting the taqqiya perpetrated by commenters there.

  11. More here on the gang rape:

    While Ram Singh, the driver of the bus, Vinay Sharma, an assistant gym instructor and Pawan Gupta, a fruit seller, were arrested from the capital, Singh’s brother Mukhesh was nabbed from Rajasthan.

    So, looks like, for once, it’s not the usual suspects to blame…

  12. Its is very Nice to hear all of your thoughts. They are Good. and I agree to the Same that Rape is a Violent act in every culture and every Society. No Religion supports it..

    @Chris Brown I don’t want you to get hyper when it comes to subject of the Religion 🙂 Every has their own set of Belief. I’m glad to hear that U read the Holy Qur’an but some of things you mis-intepreting.Im not making Up anything because in my Religion its a Gun’ah (bad deed) to go Against Veracity. Yeah the Quran said Women is inferior to Men but to some extent. A man is not allowed to beat women at any circumstance. Im living in a muslim Society. I see around em how muslims behave with their wives.. It may happen with some people who are illiterate and dont know how to behave..Haven’t you read:

    And the believers the men and the women, are friends one of the other; they bid to honour and forbid dishonour; they perform the prayer, and pay the alms, and they obey God and His Messenger. Those upon them God will have mercy …. (9: 71)

    They (women) are a vestment for you, and you (men) are a vestment for them ….(2:187) {U see this is Equal}

    To the men a share from what they have earned, and to the women a share from what they have earned ….(4:32) {Women Rights}

    According to Islâm, a woman has to be respected and protected under all circumstances, whether she belongs to your own nation or to the nation of an enemy, whether she follows your religion or belongs to some other religion or has no religion at all. A Muslim cannot outrage her under any circumstances. All promiscuous relationships have been forbidden to him, irrespective of the status or position of the woman, whether the woman is a willing or an unwilling partner to the act. The words of the Holy Qur’ân in this respect are: “Do not approach (the bounds of) adultery” (17:32). Heavy punishment has been prescribed for this crime, and the order has not been qualified by any conditions. Since the violation of chastity of a woman is forbidden in Islam, a Muslim who perpetrates this crime cannot escape punishment. (Maudoodi)

    The Quran has, in various ways and in different contexts; impressed on men that they must observe the limits set by God (Hudûd Allah) in respect to women and must not encroach upon their rights in either marriage or divorce. In all situations it is the men who are reminded, corrected and reprimanded, over and over again, to be generous to women and to be kind, compassionate, fair and just in their dealings with women. Even in divorce, when the chances of anger and vindictiveness are high, it is stressed that men are to separate with grace, equity and generosity.

    Forbidding cruelty against children and women is apparent from rulings against female infanticide and rights of inheritance given even to an unborn child; and the kindness mandated even when divorcing your wife. There are numerous ahâdîth about the rights of children to respect and dignity. The same holds true for respect and the unprecedented rights given to women.

    Relevant verses from the Quran:
    Sûrah an Nâs 4.119
    ‘O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will…’

    Sûrah an Nûr 24.33
    ‘… And do not, in order to gain some of the fleeting pleasures of this worldly life, coerce your slave women into whoredom if they are desirous of marriage, and if anyone should coerce them, then, verily, after they have been compelled (to submit in their helplessness), God will be much forgiving, a dispenser of grace (to them).

    During the time of the Prophet (saw) punishment was inflicted on the rapist on the solitary evidence of the woman who was raped by him. Wa’il ibn Hujr reports of an incident when a woman was raped. Later, when some people came by, she identified and accused the man of raping her. They seized him and brought him to Allah’s messenger, who said to the woman, “Go away, for Allâh has forgiven you,” but of the man who had raped her, he said, “Stone him to death.” (Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud)

    May U ‘ll try to Understand what I am trying to Say. Thankyou

  13. Reda: Islam most certainly supports rape. But they redefined it to make it something quite different as Islam does to so many important concepts and words in order to hijack them for proprietary uses. So of course, Islam claims to be against rape while at the same time murdering women and children who themselves have been raped or even had consensual sex outside of what male Islamic authority allows them to have. This itself is rape. And slavery. I for one am quite sick of this trick of redefining words to fool the unbeliever. I think many people are as well now and while the internet has proven to be a mighty tool for spreading jihad and taqyyia, I think in the end it will prove a better tool for spreading impiracle reality. Something that I hope will shut down Islam and all cults like it pretty much forever.

  14. winston churchill, the problems in the future will be with mohamadists. lets get the world READY to rumble them out of existence! we have not got the time to educate a totally evil destructive cockroach of mohamads false religion islam and their treatment of non-believers infidels. if ever their was a satan it surely is embodied in the teachings of islam, and we all know what happens to satans’ followers. they get what they deserve! they get genocide. so let’s get real,start channelling the spirits of the world war 2 dead and fallen ancient ones,and our war gods of the past to join the forces that see a clear and brighter future for all the worlds people with not one islam mohamad follower left standing. for evil to conquer is for good men to do nothing. pagan pride & infidel always

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