First They Came for Santa Claus…

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Gates of Vienna:

A kindergarten in France has cancelled its annual visit from Santa Claus. School administrators say tight finances are to blame, but parents don’t believe them. They’re certain that the exclusion of Santa is an attempt to placate Muslims, and they’re up in arms about the decision.











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Kindergarten children in Loiret deprived of visit by Father Christmas

This is a story that keeps the mood boiling at a kindergarten in Montargis-Loiret. With the holiday season approaching, the headmistress decided to cancel the ritual visit of Father Christmas to the classrooms. Official reason: financial problems. Stunned parents charge that it was instead on religious grounds.

The headmistress gave in?

For some parents with children in the Grand Clos kindergarten, there is no doubt that the reason for the cancellation of the visit of the white-bearded man in the red suit is of a “religious” kind. A mother declared on Wednesday in Le Parisien — Today in France that: “The director told me she did not want her wrist to be slapped by some Muslim families,” she said.

The problem was confirmed by the Deputy Mayor of Montargis, who is responsible for matters concerning children. He adds that “each year, families threaten to boycott the school in the day of Santa’s visit.” The director gave in. For some, “this is too much.” It is, according to them, the “Islamization of a school.”

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4 thoughts on “First They Came for Santa Claus…

  1. I just had to cut and paste Cyrus’s comment over at G.O.V. – I hope you don’t mind Cyrus.

    “This is the point where a parent volunteers and just shows up at school dressed as Pere Noel. That should solve the true reason re: finances while also sticking it to the muslims.”

    Right ON!

  2. This road leads to only one destination: since everything about Western culture offends Muslims, it is clear that we must abandon our culture entirely and convert to Islam.

    The only alternative would be to continue with our cultural traditions and thereby continually offend a minority group – and such “racism” is clearly unacceptable in a “progressive” society.

    So Islam here we come!

    But that’s ok – any culture that hates itself and puts itself down like ours does, certainly deserves to be destroyed.

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