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7 thoughts on “Teacher quits in US School. (More interesting that it sounds)

  1. This is all done to make learning hellish. Pol Pot the marxist hated all professionals and intellectuals and murdered all teachers, doctors, engineers, writers artists etc. His dumbest and most thuggish supporters made it to the top echelons, in a reversal of norms.
    “His poor academic record was a considerable advantage within the anti-intellectual PCF” http://www.dltruth.com/thread-1371.html
    Sound familiar?
    More here: http://juniperinthedesert.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/occupiers-want-same-as-pol-pot-did.html
    Also, he was connected with a French Nazi lawyer who had links to Haj Amin al Husseini: http://juniperinthedesert.blogspot.co.uk/2010/02/pol-pot-connection-to-hitler-and.html

  2. Now, there’s a man with integrity. As in the USA, the school system in Canada has become a female driven cesspool of brain washing curriculum. Men need not apply as teachers. The curriculum is filled with politically correct subject matters and everything to do with our educational system leads to a socially engineered socialist society. This man (likely a great teacher) deserves our respect and support.

  3. The dumber the people are the easier it is for the left to fool them.

    The last estimate is that for a Marxist revolution to be successful they would have to kill 10% of the population, these are the collage graduates, former military officers and NCOs who fail the re-education camps. The dumber the high school and collage graduates the lower number that need to be killed.

  4. The numbers for the kill or re-educate camps come from the writings of various left wing revolutionaries, they aren’t published by many media sources so most people don’t realize this list exists.

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