Sweden’s Jewish community under siege: Hanukkah 2012 takes place amid tight security

I typically post stuff on Islamic antisemitism when a video shows up that demonstrates that it is worse than I thought it was, or is increasing or changing in some way.  Sadly, these are turning up with greater frequency these days. I wonder if Europe will learn the signs of it, or wait until Islam destroys everything in its way of total conquest. History tends towards the latter.

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4 thoughts on “Sweden’s Jewish community under siege: Hanukkah 2012 takes place amid tight security

  1. To the Rabbi who stated that those attacking Jews in Europe, don’t understand the difference between Israei Jews and those in Europe. I would say instead that liberals don’t understand the similarities of Muslims in third world nations and Muslims in your streets.

    Jews have lived in Sweeden for centuries without causing problems for their neighbors, but somehow the fact that people who practice the same faith defend themselves against Genocidal maniacs are the problem is an insane conclusion.

  2. It’s probably easy for me to say, but I too am disturbed by the argument “there is a difference between the Jewish people and Israel” or words to that effect. It strikes me as suggesting: attack Israel, but let us be. But, as I am not very courageous in the face of violence, I perhaps too would try any argument to defend myself – as an outsider however, I can see that this is feeding the crocodile hoping that it will eat the others first will not safe you in the end – you will just be eating a little bit later. You know, those haters, including the vermin calling itself “BDS” dont hate the Jews because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the Jews.

  3. The long period of relative peace since WWII has spoiled people, they think this is the norm rather then the exception, they sill say and do many stupid things to try and keep their fantasy alive.

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